Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • rajan

many applications are supporte in this model. its usr friendly,

very nice and cute.

  • sakthi

x8 have nice camera clarity. pixels are very high.

  • sony lover

I had bought sony x8 last week.It is nice to use for me and I like it very much.I knew that it can upgrade to v2.1.But I can't make it.How could I do sir.plz. sony lover

  • Mahmud-X8

pal, 15 Dec 2011my android market is not opening from the day i brought it...and... more[Solved: Cnt sign in to google account..]

I had d same problem bcz i hvnt signed in to my google account when I turned it on for the first time!
You can fix this problem by updating your X8 wd 'PC companion' software. After finishing update process when u'll turn it on it will again turn on like a brand new X8 and will ask u to sign in to ur google account. Then u should jst sign in to ur google account wd Wi-Fi immediately.

  • yohooo

lack of of this phone is slightly on RAM !

  • Anonymous

may i ask..does it have a qwerty keyboard on screen or does it slide

  • pal

my android market is not opening from the day i brought it...and the service center is unable to fix the is there any solution for the same.

  • Anonymous

Sri, 14 Dec 2011Hi, i would like to buy a smartphone, which one is better Samsun... moregalaxy y have more RAM..

  • AnonD-34285

I just bought it and upgrade to android's definitely's just a bit slower compare with galaxy y (600 mhz n 800 mhz)..anyway, if u love entertainment phone , xperia x8 is your choice.

  • king

how do i move my music from a memory card to my phone coz i have about 126 mb on my phone memory and i do not know how to move some contents please help people

  • Sri

Hi, i would like to buy a smartphone, which one is better Samsung galaxy Y or Sony Xperia. Can anyone suggest?

  • rajesh

zackirs, 11 Dec 2011shall i instal sympions softwarePlease don't install symbian o/s Android is very good and latest o/s for cell phones.

  • kaka

how to install x8 to android 2.3.4 gingerbrand? please show me...

  • alastair

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2011Hi there. I agree that some of the finer points of XPERIA X8 sho... morehow to upgrade without rooting? can u show me how?

  • kirsten,,laurenzoo

well , i got my experia x8 and well ive had it about 5-6 months you get quite bored of it though brilliant phone though still could be improved on camera and on speed but tid recommed it for your first smartphone because its easy enough to use great considering tat your getting wat ur payin 4. 80 eur is not dear 4 a smart phone id prefer th experia play over it but great forthat price recommend it to teens :)

  • AnonD-33988

Rico, 12 Dec 2011Great looking phone and for the price seems a deal, thinking of ... morenot if you root the device first.

  • AnonD-29478

""the battery life of this fone is soo poor. it can only stand for 5 hours when you're using it""

that's the average of almost any mid-end android phone.. if you're constantly using it 5 -7 hours battery life is normal even galaxy s2 last up to 6 - 8 hours if you keep playing with it.

the ram only 168 MB but if u know how to root, change rom, flash kernel, etc you can add swap memory (maybe around 32MB or more) and you will be able to play games and resume apps without having to start all over again (example: browsing then switch to market then switch again to browser then your data will stay intact) that's my experience using swap memory.

Swap shorten life of memory card, but memory card is cheap these days i wouldn't mind buying class 6 micro sd every one or 2 years.

not bad if u're looking for secondary phone..

  • AnonD-29478

Rico, 12 Dec 2011Great looking phone and for the price seems a deal, thinking of ... moreuse link2sd on android market.. partition your sd card create ex3 using minitool partition wizard you will never running out storage.

  • AnonD-33955

Poor handphone.. Camera Cant take picture without sd card.. No zooming.. Android 2.1 always lagging.. :'-(

  • shahzada

X8 user, 11 Dec 2011Well it may be something wrong with your battery. Mine lasts 2-3... morebro 2.2.3 ginger is can install on x8....or can u tel mn plz whch touch is better x10mini or x8 plz rep me m watin