Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Anonymous

my phone is not working when i make or receive a cal.i just need to on my loudspeaker to make my phone working

  • Anonymous

nanu, 09 Oct 2011does it have a flash in its camera?no

  • yash

can any1 tell me why it happens that after i do or receive a call the phone freezes!!!!! did any1 have had this problem???

  • Anonymous

i so confused my sim no service line why

  • sandeepumrao

its toooooooooooo much good

  • gracie

al ovr..its jst nt up to d mrk..evry lil thng has to b dwnloades frm d mrket..!! nt complicatd bt a bit problmatic fne..!

  • nanu

does it have a flash in its camera?

  • karthik

BaqarTheCoOL, 07 Oct 2011hi, every one i decided to buy this phone..plz tell me which one... morexperia x 8 is suppppppppppppper

  • gadget

i'm already updated my x8! awesome!

  • AnonD-25603

I think the Xperia X8 is a good phone. I bought it a few months ago, and I cannot understand why there are so many bad reviews about it. Maybe people just HAVE to moan i guess.

If you want a cheap smart phone that does what a smartphone is supposed to do, I personally would recommend this. I like the shape of it too, it's lightweight and the screen is super smooth and repsonsive. It sometimes crashes, but all smart phones do. Also, the sound quality is brilliant, so if you like your music, then again that's one up for this phone.

From a vanity aspect, I maybe should have gone for a better phone than this one like the Samsung Galaxy or the HTC wildfire. Because it is inferior to those, But, this is a good phone for what I paid for it and I cannot really complain. Not to mention, it's definitely an upgrade from my LG cookie lol. :)

  • raja

Its good for use but battery stands one day onlu

  • Hollywood

Android users. please tell me your Top 3 battery saver application for free that can be downloaded via market. I use adv task killer but i wanna know if theres a better app than that. thanks

  • Anonymous

BaqarTheCoOL, 07 Oct 2011hi, every one i decided to buy this phone..plz tell me which one... moreIDC....

  • AnonD-15574

i can't understand you about battery live,really!!I use my x8 4-5 days on average after recharge and i am amazing by your opinions!!Very good phone!!:)

  • BaqarTheCoOL

Mannu, 08 Oct 2011Surely go 4 XT502........Thnx guys... I love to buy it MoTO XT502

  • Mannu

BaqarTheCoOL, 07 Oct 2011hi, every one i decided to buy this phone..plz tell me which one... moreSurely go 4 XT502........

  • BaqarTheCoOL

hi, every one i decided to buy this phone..plz tell me which one is better Sonyericsson Xperia X8 or Motorola Quench XT5 XT502

  • icanhelpyou

Ashish, 04 Oct 2011Does it supports WhatsApp or not??? yes it does supports WhatsApp. i have this phone, its good, and better than Nokia C5

  • Bullet

I'm using Xperia X8 for the last 10 days.Below are some of my observations,
Touch Sensitivity is good & responsive compared with other models.
Design & Specifications of X8 is really nice.
Not able to update to the latest version of android.
Camera Quality is not that much good.
Battery drains very fast. But still we can manage with that a)reduce the brightness to zero b)disable data transfer c)open unused applications d)use gsm connection
Cant install/move applications to Memory Card.
Screen Resolutions is very good compared with other models.

  • byllon

Good phone. Tho battery life is short and camera cannot zoom