Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • Ibrahim

Does this x8 contains support of flash lite vern 3.0 or any alse plz rly

  • usman

Can I use the back camera for video calling. Do I have to download any applet or something for the same????

  • kumar

The phone is good....
But battery is very very bad.
Call get dis. regularly..
Network problem....

  • :)

AnonD-13158, 28 Sep 2011Pl tell me how to change my msg's ringtone i am able to change d... moreGo to messages and then press the button on the left, than settings and there it is :D

  • Raju

Hi frenz
Im buying a andriod phone
im confused which is better to buy
sony x8 or samsung fit
pls give ur opinions soon
im waitin for ur solution


Good phone, no zoom, though

  • please

guys can i buy this sonny or wt???????????

  • BONY

maria, 23 Sep 2011where is its file manager? i couldnt find it in the menudownload it from android market

  • megapixels

vishan , 28 Sep 2011hey does any one of u guys knw wat does this sony mobile bravia ... moreWell dude Bravia Engine is more like an image processor develope by Sony to b used with it flat panel tv and lcd tv's. with the use of bravia engine it help us see better image on mobile screen. it make picture color more vibrant, sharp and clear!

  • vishan

hey does any one of u guys knw wat does this sony mobile bravia engine does???...because tats one of the difference between xperia x8 nd xperia mini pro...wat difference does this gives to the mobile??

  • IronHide

Hey guys, CyanogenMod next official release will support all 2010, 2011 Xperia lineup, including x8, x10 mini and x10 mini pro.

  • AnonD-13158

Pl tell me how to change my msg's ringtone i am able to change d notification ringtone bt nt d msg ringtone tone. I am using SE X8. Pl help me.

  • x8user

how can i upgrade to android version 2.3?

  • Renso82

which is the best phone the xperia x8 or the xperia x10 mini im very confussed bout this phones thnx

  • Muthu

Im user of xperia x8 for past 4months now I have a prob :( dont try any other headphones because ur audio jack may get jammed !!:( this happned to many users pls be carefull

This was the solution for my prob from xperts : It sounds like your audio jack is jammed. I
suggest you start playing music through
your usual media player and carefully insert
a very fine screwdriver or similar into the
audio jack. Wiggle it lightly until the music
starts playing through the speaker.

  • thamimul ansari

how can we Update from older version to Newer Version???
Plz do help me frnds!!
Make it soon!!!
Plz plz plz plz tell me step by Step to Upgrade from Lower version to Newer Version!!!!

  • retryu

the battery drain so fast.. in heavy usage the battery only last for bout 4 - 6 hours then u have u recharge... and normally without heavy usage the battery will last for bout 10 to 11 hours then u have to recharge... that is the only problem im having with this phone the battery drain very2 fast... other than that internet surfing and every thing working just fine u get what u paid for... its a cheap phone.. and my x8 is running on froyobread v0.3 its just the same as froyo only more cooler and run really2 smooth..

  • honey singh

where the themes in x8

  • AnonD-6678

Ellai, 24 Sep 2011Always low memory how can i move my files from phone to memory c... moreinstalling apps directly to sd card requires a higher version of ur android,,(higher than 2.1 series), then u get an option to move ur apps to sd card.. try update ur phone, if u already have a higher version check ur settings once, im running my phone on 2.3.5,


  • sahil

vikas, 24 Sep 2011Guys, sony has announced android v2.3 update for its xperia rang... moreAre u sure coz i have to buy a smartphone and if x8 is upgradable to 2.3 then it will be mine....

plz tell me as soon as possible