Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • baktin !

i hate this brother bought it for me... i am so scared upon telling him that the phone is not working properly.. maybe he would tell me that i did not take care of it,after using it in 2 weeks... the menu had gone ...
my cousin knew, he repaired it by programing ...i dont know how did he do programing by my phone... thus, it really worked good after he repaired it... but,
after a month...the phone do not work in proper shy on coming back to my cousin...he neglect my offered pay for his help... Now,,, i dont know what to do... im so dissapointed in this phone.. i really hate this phone..!!!

  • ashu

job_22, 25 Jun 2011its a very good phone i guess ppl dont know how to use it . go fo ittel me how to use

  • bere

I have this fone...its very bad and hangs a lot and dosnt have even the basic features..its an waste of money.....never buy it

  • umang

marvellous phones with lots of exciting features........touchscreen is really unbeleivable.... a must buy!!!

  • job_22

its a very good phone i guess ppl dont know how to use it . go fo it

  • akshay londhe

nice pice

  • Sony ericsson yendo

amit singh, 24 Jun 2011are all the applications and games run with internet ???Sony ericsson yendo very good

  • Expert advice

The phone is good if u want to experience sony's touchscreen in this range as it costs only rs 5000. . . .u can go for it.. . . !have fun

  • amit singh

are all the applications and games run with internet ???

  • mannu

you are right my friends,this is really horible,i suggest to those who are going to buy new phone or think to buy sony 150i yendo...its toooo bad


hi guys i bought this phone 2 days ago its a piece of shit we could not open menu on call the waste phone i have ever experirnced

  • Anonymous

ooohhh god horible phone man what the fcuking phone is this not a single application works in this phone even while playing a large size music it hangs always i buyed it 3 days ago its beter that u go for other sony phone

  • ctchanteq

just thinking to buy this phone, but read the comment, should think twice..thanx u alls...

  • vinay

AnonD-11607, 22 Jun 2011I have very bad experience with this phone, which is not expecte... morethis phone is very very is not suportted for games.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Thank u

  • AnonD-11654

it is not good as good other phones..
plz dont buy it...

  • AnonD-11607

I have very bad experience with this phone, which is not expected from Sony Ericsson models. No basic features are available. JPEG images are not supported. camera clarify is not good.

Sony should take a initiative to replace Yendo from customer with other sony models to get end user satisfaction and faith in market.

  • Anonymous

horrible phone...... never ever buy it.........

  • anta_samsara

OK, thank you guys. I had plan to buy it but now I better buy another phone that has positive user experience.

  • AnonD-4179

Please sony ericsson stop this model.. Dont spoil your image.. I am die hard se fan.. I request all the readers not to take this mobile.. Go for cedar..