Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • prince

Its very gud luking n more value for money.. ofcoure for 6k its not bad.....

  • sachin

one of the bad phone i used ever.
i get very disappointed as i have checked its functions.
there is no option to customised the phone .
i recommend you that dont buy it...............

  • venkatesh

we cannot connect phone to computer for using internet and this mobile we cannot use apps related to bluetooth

  • Satish

nani, 07 Apr 2011this is good and smart phone but there is no multi tasking, i sp... moreWhat is meant by opening the stereo sound in YENDO? Will u elaborate?

  • Satish

AnonD-5085, 02 Apr 2011sorry dear I would have u also suffering like me phone not up to... moreYes, i was uneasy from an hour time i bought it and i sold this mobile in a day time, since i was not at all satisfied with the mobile. i started using NOKIA 1100.

  • rahul

is yendo having android or sm other operating system

  • nani

this is good and smart phone but there is no multi tasking, i spended 5500rs but i didn't get 3g, Sound clarity is good, & Stereo sound effect work when the option is opened before that it doesn't work, it don't have the youtube, Nice design overall i will give 70%

  • Dnyanesh

yeh...any one have antivirus for sony yendo mobile???...

  • fierceblue

AnonD-5480, 05 Apr 2011i just want to know if the themes of this phone is customizable ... moreNo jm.... I've had this phone for a month now and bad you can't change the theme.


how to find the vibertion off

  • ss

What is MRP of this phone?

  • Subho

I want to know about the video recording off this phone.

  • Subho

What about vido recording? If any one can tell me.

  • AnonD-5480

i just want to know if the themes of this phone is customizable then if not im not going to buy this anymore im craving for this since last month so please answer me, so i can look for another one tnx :)

  • jm de ocampo

i just want to know if ever i buy this phone can i change the themes or not?? im craving for this so please answer me thank you so much if not then im not going to buy this phone anymore tnx :)

  • Azeem

Its a bundle phone,totally wastage of gets switch-off while playing songs or while talking..

  • Anonymous

how to delete contacts already saved...

  • sa

does it have multi-tasking..?

  • Anonymous

..wen it comes to charging it wont long last sucks

  • angryguy

hell it doe'nt support themes
no much softz capacity
lowest RAM ever possible
oonly thin good s d camera..
don buy anyone...