Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • anonymous

wat operating system for yendo? is it running android?

  • KSR

tube's, 22 Dec 2010phone memory is 5 mb? hp corok kuiYes thats the most ridiculous side of this Yendo

SE is addicted to this I-give-u-Minimum-Phone-Memory-possible for a long time..

  • tube's

phone memory is 5 mb?
hp corok kui

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2010yendo or nokia 5250?Nokia 5250 ia a lot better. The capacitive touchscreen is the only advantage of Yendo. But the lagging interface of Yendo won't make the capacitive touchscreen experience very nice.

  • karlito

i thought this phone is more expensive than xperia x8.

it has 2 mega pixel camera only. and 5 mb internal memory. lol.

  • Deniece wilson

Nice phone for it's price tag.

  • Prasun

Uh uh,SE fame shaded by SMSNG..SMSNG delivers maximum facility with so reasonable price.their motto smartphone for all.

  • ex yendo lover

after reading the review of this phone, i've got loss interest, so many drawbacks and the camera is so 2000 and late. now im going to buy samsung corby or genoa

  • AzoreanSE

Why, 21 Dec 2010Whats wrong with french phones? I have used few Alcatel models i... moreI can tell you what is wrong with them: the badge.
I have have had some sagem and alcatel and they where good. well built, nice sound and battery and they lasted enough. The Alcatel I had was simpler to use but lasted less than my Sagem. Sagem was to complicated to use.
So, what's wrong with French phones? Just the badge, wrong brand, not a trendy brand. If some are complicated but well built... that means that a SE made by Sagem will be simple as all SE and well built as always with cheaper price as French are.
Maybe they should jack up prices and maybe then people would by them...

  • Why

Dave, 21 Dec 2010Yendo, apparently made by 'Sagem'. ( ... moreWhats wrong with french phones? I have used few Alcatel models in past and they worked just as well as Nokia, Siemens or Ericsson.

  • Dave

Yendo, apparently made by 'Sagem'.

No, I don't want a French phone.


I request sony ericsson to built mobile like w580 / w595/ w995 with front or side stereo speaker only, NOT ON BACK SIDE. AS IT DAMPENS AUDIO OUT PUT. PLEASE.



  • april

guess it will be relesed february of 2011, geez i've already lost interest.

  • Duel Mode

vinodthane, 12 Dec 2010it has dual active mode or like dual standby mode like ordenary ... moreIt has to be or not to be released mode :p

  • vicky

Sony, 08 Dec 2010Shame on your better study your lower classes dont know the spelling of a simple word...its "grammar"...not "grammer"...first correct your mistakes before peeping your nose into other's grammar...

  • vinodthane

it has dual active mode or like dual standby mode like ordenary fone.....????

  • Anonymous

guyzz i told u na its for the new year lauch she the pamplet of sony in sony centre

  • Anonymous

any news about its release in the philippines? why cant they just state a date? i thought q3 of this year? hello?!

  • Sony

Naush, 03 Dec 2010can anyone tell me the exact indian price of sony ericsson yendo... moreNo.