Sony Ericsson Yendo

Sony Ericsson Yendo

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  • Anonymous

kulgan, 15 Jun 2010Nope. It's a A200 phone, the UI mimics the android UI.Poor talktime and standby time....very low internal memory....poor without flash....very slow processor...this phone is of no use...

  • kazzaf

the best thing is its got new ui interface with walkman touch capable.. the bad thing is LOW END phone + no stereo speaker + no front camera... vdeo recording? maybe qvga...

  • Anonymous

this is not mid-range.

this is a LOW END walkman phone.

Yendo (W150i) is not cool Sony Ericsson. take it back!

  • Venom

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010CPU 156 MHz processor.Why is it so leak?they shoudnd count ... moreprocessor speed is 720 MHz,just read my previous comment

  • Anonymous

why 256k color screen ?
wheres se`s amoled screen fones?

  • Anonymous

What a pathetic battery life. Up to 3.5 hours on a 2G network? Awful.

  • ajay

we want some big blasts from sony ericsson and please give us big screen touch phone in lower range like samsung and nokia

  • Gamma Sharma

Hope it can compete with the Samsung Corby and Nokia 5233's with its lack of capacitive touch. Wish it had the camera of at least the K550i

  • mad max

???, 14 Jun 2010its a china phone because china's satio and aino have a wal... morethis one has a walkmen logo becouse it is from walkmen series and not becouse its a chinese replica

  • Anonymous

CPU 156 MHz processor.Why is it so leak?they shoudnd count it as a on cheap phones

  • Naveen

Internal memory just 5mb? It's very bad.

  • Anonymous

@ 3 hours talk time u need to carry a charger along with. May need a better talk time for usability.

  • Veer

Very poor talk time

  • Anonymous

All the 20 android motorola phone will be better than x8 and this rubbish. really sony make believe on poor android phone.

  • Gerry

What!!?? This phone doesn't have Android OS??

  • Asad

Venom, 16 Jun 2010actually CPU is that but processor speed is 720 MHZ written... moreYeah u r right

Size: 93.5 x 52 x 15.8 mm
Weight: 81 grams
Phone memory: Up to 5MB
Operating system: Sony Ericsson Proprietary
Processor: 720MHz
Talk time GSM/GPRS: Up to 3.5hrs
Standby time GSM/GPRS: Up to 312hrs
CPU ARM946 @ 156Mhz

see this

  • Venom

?, 16 Jun 2010Is this a joke?!Processor 156 mhz?actually CPU is that but processor speed is 720 MHZ written on SE site,just look at it yourself

  • tomo100brt

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2010please fix it or just write that its android OSNo, I am sure it's not Android, some kind of A2 platform. Look at status bar where is carrier, battery and clock on X10 mini and Yendo. There is difference. So Yendo has some kind of A2 platform. And keys are different.

  • Motorola Taik

Yendo. Yen can do (and this one will be manufactured in china)

  • ramin

?, 16 Jun 2010Is this a joke?!Processor 156 mhz?it a low end music phone not high end smartphone
so 150mhz cpu is good for a low end music phone