Sony Ericsson Z200

Sony Ericsson Z200

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  • ikhlaq

its a nice and beautiful, good features, but lack of camera mobile.

  • moshooo

it a very nice phone even no camera it a lovely phone.

  • Luis K

It's a nice phone. With simple features and no camera. Just what you need without the fancy stuff.

  • emad

it`s biautiful but it`s a simple phone and no have some useful programs

  • kelvin

Dear all ,
I bought this phone on Jan 2004 . Decent with it's price . Trust me , user friendly and the ringtone ( midi ) is pretty nice . I think lots of people complain because they just don't like it but not Z200 sucks .

  • Nancy

I have been using this phone since August and it sucks. The battery life is super short. It takes forever to find a phone number in the phonebook. It isn't very user friendly. I had a Motorola before and going to go back to one. Not a good phone. DO NOT buy one.

  • Ana

Set is Not baD!!


cool phone but i cant set up antthing like ringtones or pictures in jamaica

  • sohail

its a gud phone n its very nice in shape n its really comfortable in using n i m very satisfied with phone

  • iyanda

the face gets rusted easily, especially for users in the tropics

  • nento

i will have it sony erickson z600 but i dont have money foy buy?
how it solution?

  • a z200 user

if you're looking at this phone... get your mind off it ASAP... save up money and go for the K700i. YOU WILL NOT REGRET It

  • Woo

dont ever consider getting this phone! It looks ok and feels ok, but the phone software is sooo slow to use. It takes ages just to select someone from the phonebook. Or get to send a messgae... I wish they would bring out a software update for it as I'm stuck with it for a while!

  • Anonymous

My sister has this phone and it burnt up on her while charging after 2wks.

  • formtakt

just beautiful. excellent design and great style!

  • mary

i just hope the phone you'll happen to get will be this one you've always wished for.


i love this phone besides that it has very little memory!!!!!!!!!!!adn that sux

  • Lorna

Yeah i jst did after 4 months, lol

  • Reda Youssef

it is the worst phone i have ever bought(I have tried motorola and alcatel and i regret shifting to sony ericsson z200)to be specific the battery life is very very short, the screen is small and unclear specially in the sun, the dialled numbers list is misleading. in addition, the sony ericsson service is extremly lousy and conclusion i do not recommend anyone to buy it. i will get rid of mine very soon.

  • tommy

is it true it has 300 phonebook memory ?
my z 200 only has 200. is the battery can last upto 200 hours?,couse mine only last about 24 hours. ur ear will be 'burnt' if u use it to talk for only about 15 minutes. GOD HELP ME!!!. any one beside me experience this kind of "disturbance"? keep me posted, please !.