Sony Ericsson Z200

Sony Ericsson Z200

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  • Lorna

I bought this phone about 4 months ago sim free and its great apart from the fact that it doesnt have a camera. At first i didnt think it would be a problem being camera-less but I've now decided that i'd really like one with a camera. It's always switched on and constantly receiving calls/texts but it always lasts a minimum of like 3 days before needing charged, which is great.
If anyone's looking for a sweet wee sony-ericsson Z200 send me a wee email.

  • remo

its hot and sexy just like ladies in ur office

  • dude

Hey i'm about to get his phone for SG$150... any comments?

  • dave


  • santosa

Bad design,It,s ugly,I'm sorry for who buy it like me...:(

  • donna

i fink this fone is really nice design. It doesn't look that nice on screen but looks nice up close.

  • Anonymous

bad fone!!!!

  • jassy

i think its a good phone from what i've read bout it. im about to get it 4 x-mas in like 1 week and like 3 days. i cant wait to get itand when i do after ive had it for a while ill tell u what i think bout it! But i hate you all 4 saying it was crap u ruined all my fun.
Meany poos!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon

I have had a Z200 for about 6 months and whilst it is nice to handle, to look at, to use, etc., it has completely useless battery life - nothing like the spec/claims. Despite contacting Sony Ericsson for help (!) they have been equally useless. I would NOT recommend this phone for anything more than an expensive paperweight.

  • sunkanmi saraki

sony ericsson its simply the best ,any one would die to have a product like this sony simply the best

  • mick

i've had many problems that you guys have book is slow, keypad gets HOT after talking for while, and short battery life. but nice design

  • Anonymous

people,people,people. this is a budget phone with decent features. don't expect too much. try comparing it with similar priced phone such as unreliable panasonic g51(no infrared) and other more expensive Nokia(4096 color) phones and you will be very happy

  • henry eze

it is good and it beter than any phone

  • liberty

looks real cool..but definitely lacks feature..

  • Agbi Robert

i just got, its a cool phone, but i think since it came out after the t300 model it should have sound recorder and shud be able to work with external camera.

  • Z200 owner

When i first got this phone, i loved it but now i've had it for a few months its begining to annoy me that the screen is too small for picture messages off most other phones and also there is not enough memory space or something to recieve ringtones through infra red. If i knew all i know now about the phone i wouldnt have bought it, its a big dissapointment. Also some f****r has sent me a virus!!!

  • Swenky Shabangu

It's a nice phone but it needs to be upgraded, I mean the way the camera may getlost since it needs to be disconnected. and in our local shops it become so expensive to buy both the phone together with the camera. thanks but up to so far it is working good

  • Tzvi

I have this phone and it totally kiks ass.. i cant figure out how to take off the faceplate that it comes with can sumbudy pleeze tell me... e-mail me if u have an answer 2 thumbs up for the z200!

  • suhana

my father has this cell phone its an excellent phone

  • Sofiya

Tell about Sony Ericsson Z 200 , what is a telefon?