Sony Ericsson Z320

Sony Ericsson Z320

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  • xtazy_01

this phone have Document viewer??? please reply me

  • Doodles

Worst phone ever.

  • Anonymous

Is rubbish! I can promise you it will die within a month of owning it. We call it the 'pebble' phone at work - would work better as a rock.

  • Dude_45

It rulz im buyin it soon

  • gihan

good 1.3m camera,

good display,

nice keypad,

simple phone.

  • Max paine

What kind a usb cable it uses? I hope mini-USB 2.0

  • Joseph

A very nice, phone I really like it. I have it since 5 months and I never had a problem.

  • Wally

like i said before, this phone worths its price.. keep having it and i bought the usb cable..:)

  • Luke

i think that this phone is a good for the price of it $39 it has a 1.3 mg camra and inferred and 10mb of user memry good disin and slim and has a frount bar that shows if you have a call sms silent thank you for reading this

  • BP

Whatever you do, don't buy this phone from CTI Miami. They are the worst cell phone company I have dealth with! This phone stopped working within 6 days, and CTI Miami refused to take it back! This cell phone turns off whenever it wants and has a delay on all the buttons! Not recommended!

  • Wally

I have this phone from almost 4 months and I can say that is not the best phone in the hole world but it haves it's benefits and problems...

this is a mini review of this phone:

advantages of the phone:
1)the keypad is the best of the phone... is very similar than other keypads in high-end sony ericsson..
2)the design of the phone is very nice and it's very slim and tiny...(I know that is a copy of the PEBL of motorola, but I think the motorola is even worse than these phone)
3)the camera is good for quick photos...
4)the phone is water resistant (I can prove that because it fell into the water 2 times and is still working)..:)
5)the phone is excelent for messaging and for large calls...
6)IRDA conectivity
7)passable display and very good backlight

disavantages of the phone:

1)very mediocre camera resolution...
2)at 1.3 mp resolution there is no zoom...(what a crap)...
3)no bluetooth or other interesting connectivity
4)no flash or autofocus or even a video recorder for this phone..
5)poor batery life..
6)the system crashes too many times..(same thing that happened with the other people that post here)
7)fingerprints are all over the fu... phone...(only the keypad is very good in that)
8)no memory card or expandable memory..(only 10mb of internal memory)

and that's all folks... I have this phone till I finish my contract and I will buy and SE s500 or other very good phone..

if you want a phone for messages and calls and very nice design this is enough phone and very cheap.. it's worths its price..

desde el mundo latino les mando saludos... perdon si hay algun error en ingles...
i love gsm arena!! keep it up!!

  • hei

this is worse than z310..?
it has no bluetooth. lol

  • nash

i hav prob wit this phone mate

  • Angela

I bought this phone because I was looking for something simple with a camera, nothing fancy. I liked the look of it, but unfortunately that was the only thing that worked. The battery doesn't get charged, even if connected over night; sometimes the phone goes off and it doesn't turn on anymore, unless you take the battery out and put it back into place. I brought it back to te shop. I suspect they knew that it was not a good phone. I refused to get it back or to get a new battery. I just bought a different model from other brand.

  • ZilogJones

I bought one of these a few weeks ago, and it kept randomly switching itself off - I had to take out the battery to get it working again, and often the time and date would be reset (quite annoying). So I returned it and got a replacement last week. The replacement worked fine up until this morning when it just died (was fully charged) and wouldn't turn back on no matter what I did.

So I returned it again, but this time got a Nokia 2760 instead.

My SE W300i was the best phone I ever had and never let me down (got stolen). I guess, like my equally awful T230, Sony Ericsson still can't make cheap phones.

  • jcg

this phone is fairly better than Z310 but the abscence of bluetooth is a black point

  • Anonymous

Is screen visible in sunlight?

Is it possible to add words to the t9 dictionay?

  • Leo

Hi, all Z320 user, I love Z320 very much due it is light & small, good reception. However, recently I have reset my Z320 carelessly, all the original themes were deleted. I shall appreciate if any Z320 user can send me the theme "RETRO" since I can not find this theme any where on the web and I like this theme very much. my e-mail is ""

Thanks in advance.

  • wally

this mobile has a good quality camera but it doesnt has any video... :( i dont like very much this mobile now. i will sell it... good bye

  • Anonymous

is dis a brilliant phone to give to my teenage daughter