Sony G8341 and G8441 get listed in Europe priced at 758 and 650, respectively

Vlad, 05 July 2017

Sony is holding its traditional IFA press conference in Berlin on August 31 this year, and it's expected to announce new smartphones like it usually does over there.

Two of those models could be the ones that have been listed today by Komp.Tech, a Polish retailer. They bear the model numbers G8341 and G8441, respectively. We've seen the former in some user agent profiles last month, which revealed it was to come with a 1080p touchscreen and Android 8.0 (O) on board.

The aforementioned retailer has priced the G8341 at PLN 3,206.99, which means about 758 or $860 at the current exchange rates. It's going to be offered in black, blue, pink, and silver. The G8441, on the other hand, costs PLN 2,749.99 (650 or $737), with the exact same color options. If we were to speculate, we'd say that the G8341 might end up being sold as the 5.2-inch XZ1, while the G8441 is probably the 4.6-inch XZ1 Compact. These have both been rumored to come with the Snapdragon 835 chip and 4GB of RAM.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

But the LG G2 can't safe in drop test. Every material must have it advantage and disadvantage. The metal also can get scratch or dent in drop damage but it looks sturdy than glass or high-end plastic. The glass (Gorilla glass) can get fingerprin...

  • NoNaMe

It is harder but not impossible. With similar bezels to LG G2 it's still comfy. For drop test it might be safer but not for bend test when it just crack into half.

  • Anonymous

Bezelless phone in landscap mode is more harder to handling compare to with bezel and while holding in portraits you can have a tiny place to rest your thumb on the bezelless designs. Just look at Xperia Z3 compact the frame is a kind of this hi...