Sony in talks with Toshiba to acquire its CMOS sensor business

Vince, 28 October, 2015

Sony officially announced the beginning of negotiations with Toshiba to acquire its CMOS image sensor business. Sony is aiming at Toshiba's fabrication facilities, equipment and even the 1,100 employees working on CMOS image sensor engineering and design at the company.

If the deal goes through, Sony will have Toshiba's plant in Oita, Japan. This acquisition would put Sony in a position to increase its CMOS image sensors production muscles. It's exactly this area where the company anticipates further market growth.

And the company's optimistic forecast isn't unfounded. Sony CMOS sensors are found in Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola and a plethora of Chinese manufacturers' smartphones. In high-end digital cameras, Nikon also utilizes Sony sensors.

For now, financial information on the future deal isn't disclosed. Sony expects negotiations to come to an end by the end of the year.



Reader comments

  • zfonezzz
  • 29 Oct 2015
  • v0q

I hope Sony resurrect and improve Nokia's 41MP Image Sensor with new matching technologies and features

  • Ale
  • 29 Oct 2015
  • gL@

I have tried to make this point repeatedly, it is the BIONZ processing engine that has been the Achilles heel of the Xperia camera system in the past. Everytime I have tried to bring it up though I have been verbally abused by Sony fans (who loo...

  • AnonD-110191
  • 29 Oct 2015
  • Gj9

Sony's Camera software is to blame. Its not the actual Camera itself. If you read a lot of Sony's high end phone reviews you will see that Sony's camera software isn't optimised well enough like other phone manufacturers. They need to get a proper te...

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