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  • Daz

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020Yes it is a good phone and the camera is amazing on manual ... moreYeh video stabilzation is not there no matter what mode you put it in its laggy video very bad jittery video recording.

  • Dazlg

Sony fanboy, 28 Mar 2021Hello, does anyone know if 4k jittery video recording bug h... moreI bought a Xperia 1 for £150 used grade B the recording stabilization doesn't seem to do much it's very jerky my iPhone xr is much smoother like 100% smooth and my xz2 is about 80% smooth. it's a shame because I thought the Xperia 1 was going to be really smooth for video how it was hyped up. In the Sony adverts it said experience film like video capture haha. I just use my iPhone xr or xz2 to video record so its not s deal breaker for me. Everything else on the Xperia 1 is excellent tho it makes my slow internet go faster.its much faster than my xr for playing games and browsing the web. I love the large screen and thin bezels even the thicker bezel on top is still thin and thinner than my iPhone xr thick wide notch.

  • Sony fanboy

Hello, does anyone know if 4k jittery video recording bug has been fixed already?

I love sony as a brand an am looking forward to buy an xperia 1 but the price of the phone

can this phone use a charger above 18w?

  • Anonymous

Great phone, good camera and great for gaming.

  • Anonymous

Azhar Jamal, 29 Dec 2020I have purchased this phone in May'2020 and after a go... moreYes a true Sony flagship cell owner!

I have purchased this phone in May'2020 and after a good 6 months use i can say it's the best ever phone i have used. I am regular switcher of phones from Apple > Samsung > Huawei > Blackberry > Oppo > Oneplus > LG > Sony
but i am stick with this phone because of it's all round performance. A great battery life, awesome camera, crisp display, haptic vibration, brilliant sound and extraordinary signal catching. My other phone fails to match it in data speed on same places with same networks. It's truly a master piece by Sony, Love u

  • Adil

Great phone. Never got any problems with the finger print sensor. I have been using since 1 month now

  • Kujtim Zymeri

It is so weird battery life of this device. And the fastest android device.

  • Anonymous

pokistroberi, 14 Oct 2020does the battery lasts for a day with normal use?Definitely, the SOT is around 8 hours for me in normal use.

  • pokistroberi

does the battery lasts for a day with normal use?

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020Hi I'm willing to get an X1 J9110(Uk version), but I... moreFingerprint sensor is very good, I assume it has improved with updates though I have had no issues with mine. HDR you have to manually turn on, it's not displayed in auto mode. My understanding is that in the correct circumstances it's automatically triggered but I can't confirm that.

  • Anonymous

I'm willing to get an X1 J9110(Uk version), but I'm a bit afraid of the fingerprint sensor problem, and if it's a bit laggy ( takes much time to unlock). i would like to have more opinions from people who got this phone
and does the fingerprint sensor gets improved with updates
also if the HDR will be included in the auto mode after updates
Thanks in advance

  • Gaga

I just bought xperia 1, telephone is fantastic, no complain, I am Sony fan, had all Sony premium models before

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2020Why does the specifications say it was released in 2020?No. It doesn't

i am a big Sony fan
but this phone is the worst ever.
very slow, too long/high
it felt, a soft falling, with a rubber protector and camera is not working.
the xz premium, 3 years older, is just so much better.
this mistake should have not been manufactured.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020Just bought Xperia 1 last week outright. Brand new, £... morecorrect brother my xperia 1 also fingerprint sensor problem . but my handphone under warranty so dealer give new handphone

  • Anonymous

Hey guys anyone here still on April 2020 security update I have not recieve may 2020 update and I am now seeing that June 2020 updates is rolling out any reason why the phone did receive may 2020

I literally just bought a used Sony Xperia 1 for $560 here in the USA. I can't wait for it to get here!