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  • Anonymous

Hey guys anyone here still on April 2020 security update I have not recieve may 2020 update and I am now seeing that June 2020 updates is rolling out any reason why the phone did receive may 2020

I literally just bought a used Sony Xperia 1 for $560 here in the USA. I can't wait for it to get here!

Key, 29 May 2020Xperia 1(6/64GB) is only $400 in part of Japan, and of cour... moreyeah I have been browsing on Yahoo Japan Auctions and looks like there are some good deals around, very tempting.

if anyone know of other sources for a cheap X1, please share :)

  • Anonymous

Why does the specifications say it was released in 2020?

alirezanasibi, 12 May 2020Guys, how about battery life after the latest updates? Any ... moreCurrently on android 10 may security patch. The battery life is still fine, no difference what so ever comapre to 10 narch patch. It is much better of you compare it to android 9 Pie august patch (lol). But I honestly feel the camera is a bit inconsistent compare to the android 10 April patch tho (auto only, the manual works consistently)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2020Is this a good phone? I think the screen size would really ... moreYes it is a good phone and the camera is amazing on manual mode. I'm well happy with mine. Regards

  • Anonymous

Just bought Xperia 1 last week outright. Brand new, £420. Bargain. Loads of people have problems with the finger print scanner. I sussed out that if you press the "on" button briefly first, it sorts the problem out. It's a really good phone. Good battery, camera, screen, all that stuff. I've had Sony's for years now because they are generally reliable and very strong (relatively!). I'm a structural carpenter so my handsets take a lot of abuse. I'm not denying that other phones like Samsung and Apple are good but all the ones I've seen on site have broken screens. Even brand new ones.
The cameras on Sony phones always get slated too which is a little unfair. They have manual set up modes and once you get used to using these settings, they're unbelievably good. Most reviewers only test them on auto setting so they appear average at best. Anyway, I would recommend this handset to anyone. It's as good as anything on the market now. 5G? Don't care much about that. Capable of downloading over a gig a second, it's fast enough for anyone. I see reviews where it might open up applications a tenth of a second slower than some other devices but it doesn't bother me. I'm much less likely to have a broken screen and a phone that works. Cheers. Hope this helps

  • Key

Xperia 1(6/64GB) is only $400 in part of Japan, and of course it's new

  • chrysler

Recommended! I bought Xperia 1 here in japan softbank model brand new in cheap price and I like that color my favorite purple.. Im pretty satisfied for this Xperia come back. excellent in camera videos sounds watching movies and also for gaming because of long life battery high endurance and ultra Graphics.Good size and weights very high speed of ram 6gb is enough as of now. Xperia is xperia Unique.period :)

  • Whatever

The bad:
- Camera is VERY slow. After taking a picture, you have to hold the phone still for 2 seconds while it computes what I consider an inferior image by todays standards.
- Fingerprint reader is glitchy at best. I unlock my phone more using my pin than the fingerprint reader - it simply won't work.
- Touchscreen input locks up regularly, so whatever letter I type ends up being some58n& 3lse. Or why not try enjoying a game where you walk or a cliff because the input locks up?
- Gets very very warm during gaming, to the point where it shuts down.

Te good:
- Decent screen
- Little bloatware
- Fast, when it's not locking up or overheating.

Benny1, 24 May 2020Go for the cheap one that will give you all you want and li... more'Our Sony' like is that your property xaxaxa. Relax i just say my opinion dont get personally 'sony boy'

  • Benny1

Irfanc866, 23 May 2020This phone cost 9000kr in Sweden right now, that is around ... moreGo for the cheap one that will give you all you want and live our sony alone

This phone cost 9000kr in Sweden right now, that is around 800e, for that money u have...
Awarage camera, if u compare with Xiaomi Mi Note 10 this camera is for one class under and Xiaomi is half off price Sony.
No wireless charging
In 2020 no face unlock, phone from price tag 300e have that
No night mode, u can get ok pic just if u take pic in perfect condition, if u try on low light is crap.
Front camera 8mp 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 but i not look just numbers, this camera is bad.
Display on paper 4k Oled Hdr wow, on real if u watching 4k video on YouTube or 4k Movie is very good but when u use phone that is not same display, is not bright and color is wash out. I not hate Sony i use Sony long time and almost every model but i use another to and for this price Sony give u just good device on paper.

Guys, how about battery life after the latest updates? Any improvements? Hope to share your experience without biased opinion about a brand....

Ellio74, 13 Apr 2020If you can go to the camera tool comparison of the site, yo... moreBetter than Scrap ultra at 12 mp. Much more natural colors and textures. Top device still!

  • Roofpigeon

Really in love with this phone save 1 thing

So i've been a sony fanbasemember when it comes to phones:
Xperia Z1
Xperia Z3+
Xperia XZ Premium
Xperia 1

Also have my parents and my wife hooked (both parents XZ Premium already using it for 3 years +!) and my wife uses a XZs.

Even though I love the speed of the phone, I am not sure about the 21:9 ratio on the screen. I use my phone for mobile games a lot and it seriously feels as if the height's not big enough for its width. It's a very fast phone but it has issues processing pictures often freezing and leaving a greenscreen pictures of a, now, missed moment.
I'm afraid to say that the previous phones i've owned were a lot more to my liking.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good phone, and very fast, but if Sony keeps on making 21:9 ratio phones then I'm afraid it's time for another brand after a solid 8 years of sony phones

  • Anonymous

Is this a good phone? I think the screen size would really suit me, since I mostly just browse and message. I know camera isn't the best but I rarely take photos.

Anonymous, 01 May 2020Why so thin? With 6.5inch height and only 72mm width?. I do... moreXperia 1 is good, use it before leaving bad post

  • Anonymous

Why so thin? With 6.5inch height and only 72mm width?. I dont like it. Xperia 1 is bad

  • Xperia

Xperia 1, 5 both have 10-bit display, 1.07B colors. PLZ fix it.