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Sony Xperia 10 II

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  • Anonymous

respir3, 08 Mar 2021had the phone for about a month now, wanted to go for a pho... moreThanks very much for sharing your experience. I'm in exactly the same boat, have an A3 2017 which I really like but looking to replace with another compact, something

  • Daygaz

respir3, 08 Mar 2021had the phone for about a month now, wanted to go for a pho... moreHad exactly the same dilema. I always been Sony fan, had xperia M2 which is amazing phone, real Sony quality, then bought xa2 which is a joke tbh though hardware is fine but software issues are so annoying and Sony cares about flagships only so I ended up with android 9, crapy fm radio, proximity sensor and many other issues. Started to look for another phone. Bought Samsung a41. I get regular software updates now. Somehow it feels that I never go back to Sony again. Just do not want to be left on my own as soon as I buy a handset.

Has there been any new software updates that further enhanced the phone's camera quality & performance, battery life amongst others?

Awoink, 08 Mar 2021Does it have ah double tap to wake option? This feature is ... moreI think it does, It has a multifunction side sense: Side sense is also included on the device, and this feature lets you double tap the side of the phone to activate various features.

  • anonymuse

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2021Can anyone say for sure whether or not this phone has a gyr... moreyeah it has a gyro,
bought the phone few days ago and run the xperia tests. there was a gyroscope test and it passed (so i guess it does have one)

  • Anonymous

Can anyone say for sure whether or not this phone has a gyro? Some say it does because of Steadyshot, others say it doesn't. Has anyone installed an app like Device Info HW to actually check which sensors are installed?

Weird also that some people have camera lag and others don't.

According to GSM Arena, this mobile has the following hardware:

Chipset Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665 (11 nm)
CPU Octa-core (4x2.0 GHz Kryo 260 Gold & 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 260 Silver)

This means that there is an "locked/disabled" FM Radio that can be "Unlocked"?

If so, there is any way to verify if the FM Radio on this mobile can be unlocked using "Next Radio" app on Play Store?

  • Awoink

T12, 02 Feb 2021User experience? Perfect. It's Sony. It has one of the... moreDoes it have ah double tap to wake option? This feature is important to prolong the life of the power button

  • respir3

had the phone for about a month now, wanted to go for a phone with :
< 70mm width 64+gb USB-C 3.5mm jack fingerprint scanner below 300€
phone finder suggested me S8, S9, S10e, Pixel 4a, Xperia 10 II, Galaxy A41
the first two have curved displays i don't like, s10e kinda out of budget, same for pixel 4a
but they have OIS which is a +
Xperia 10 II was about 280 € and A41 250 €, i ended up buying such a tall phone without even trying it in a shop, don't do that kids

the OLED is gorgeous, vertical panel is good for scrolling and web browsing, a bit too tall in the car as a GPS
the front facing speaker is okay even though volumes above 25/30 result in voice boosting so music doesn't get justice, but bluetooth speaker is always better, and calls are good.
the side mounted fingerprint is very good, i can't lock the phone sometimes lol
i miss a stock gallery app but gphotos is also fine, i like the battery enhancer app, and if you have a narrow screen protector, the side sense bar is a bit difficult to operate but fine. due to the tall aspect of the phone, it is essential to map the notification tray to one of the 3 gestures.
the last one has an underdisplay fingerprint and a notch, but would have made a good choice
i would have never though 4gb ram wouldn't be enough ouch, multitaskings feels slow at time, android 11 likes to eat ram like crazy, people said it's to speed up the system but huh ...
performance is okay for what i do
many droid info apps says the battery is 3460 instead of 3600, but the battery life is good, the 4G antenna is worse than my previous A3 2017 dunno why, maybe it's because of 4G+ instead of 4G ? i always get 1 bar or two instead of 4 in my room
i agree with the video review about photos, i often get 1.5 seconds of processing time after shoot.. so dunno when the photo is taken during that 1.5 second.. people say it's the weak processor but dunno i feel like photos were better on my A3 2017
same goes for the selfie cam, quite disappointing if you wanna do good videos
in snapchat or instagram i still get that weird cracking/popping sound at the begging of the recording, which is annoying.. i had the same issue on my A3 2017 i'm still wondering what it is ..

when i use it, i kinda forget about everything i mentionned but sometimes it comes back and kinda annoys me, otherwise i love the phone, the look, the form and the experience.
i would still recommend you consider the A41 if you were in the same position that i was, or consider the xperia 10 III, or the pixel 4a, may your wishes come true !

about the spec sheet : does the 64gb version even exists ? never seen those

Coolcity, 27 Jan 2021A bit of a miserable sounding video review by GSM Arena, fo... moreexcellent !bravoo !

Nice one there, thanks for your feedback, helpful 👌

  • CuriOS

No dedicated faceunlock, but it should be possible since there is a ToF sensor on the right top. Weird that they put it there if it's not being used. Maybe in the Android 11?

  • Anasioss

Nipun M., 05 Feb 2021Can I use it in bangladesh 🇧🇩 You can use everywhere.

  • Nipun M.

Can I use it in bangladesh 🇧🇩

Amol Adhav, 23 Jan 2021Please tell me other reviews about camera, battery, multiwi... moreUser experience? Perfect. It's Sony. It has one of the best OS (simple is the best) in the market. The processor is a gem. It is not very powerful, so it preserves the battery. Everything is perfect, aside from the price which can be a little bit high compared to the competition. I would always pick Sony over other brands, but unfortunately Sony phones are rare to find these days... So I'm stuck with Samsung... But I would always go for Sony... I am using flagship Samsung currently, S10e. It has a few drawbacks: battery life is really bad, part of this is Samsung's OS, part it's because of the powerful processor...

  • devil

Vlado-99, 30 Jan 2021Does it have an screen auto-rotate function? Gyro sensor is... moreYou don't need gyroscope for that to work

Does it have an screen auto-rotate function? Gyro sensor is not listed.

Dominique, 29 Jan 2021Or he just made up story of having this phone?@ Dominique: for sure!

  • A.J.

Still no January 2021 updates?

Dominique, 29 Jan 2021Or he just made up story of having this phone?Or probably he had a horrible experience of using a phone with a Giraffe display