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Sony Xperia 10 II

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Minu, 28 Jan 2021Probably he hasn't used Sony beforeOr he just made up story of having this phone?

Dominique, 22 Jan 2021Then why you bought it if it has a miserable reputation as ... moreProbably he hasn't used Sony before

  • Coolcity

A bit of a miserable sounding video review by GSM Arena, for what is a fantastic phone. No idea why he has a problem with the photos as I've found it performs perfectly well in all modes. Most cameras struggle in low light, because cameras need plenty of light to perform well, but it's as good as anything else I've seen including my sister's iPhone max which cost 3 times as much.

Sound from the speaker? Who listens to music from the speaker? No mention of its hi res capabilities, screen is fantastic and easily bright as you'll ever need it to no in any conditions, while the build quality is outstanding and the easy to open sim slot is a useful bonus.

The processor is perfectly fine too. I didn't see or feel any lag at any time, and any more is just overkill designed to make you spend more than you need to.

The slim 21:9 format takes a bit of getting used to, but I appreciated the fact that it was much easier to grasp securely once I had got used to it.

For the price it's easily the best phone of several I looked at and I have no regrets in buying it. Well impressed, and I now wish I had not waited so long before buying my first Sony. Its just superb.

  • Amol Adhav

A7sii, 10 Jan 2021Warning: Incoming trolls with complaints like broken glass ... morePlease tell me other reviews about camera, battery, multiwindowing, cinematic screen, using experience etc.

relican, 09 Jan 2021So, I was clumsy and dropped my phone by mistake from miser... moreThen why you bought it if it has a miserable reputation as you said??

A7sii, 02 Jan 2021There was no recent update..Stop trolling hater!A7sii is right and stop being such trolls and see for yourselves the phone is top! BS about dust and water when it have protection?! Speaker best, connectivity best, battery best, screen best in its class...

A7sii, 10 Jan 2021Warning: Incoming trolls with complaints like broken glass ... moreAs A7sii says, the phone it's perfect, indeed stock camera was not updated like it should (59.0.A.10.5), but third party apps work well. Sony engineers know these issues by user letters and for Android 11 it will be fixed. Otherwise phone in all regards is great and if some have problems with dust it can be wasted or brushed (it have protection so it's useless to consider this an issue) instead of being such trolls!

  • Anonymous

Boombastic, 08 Jan 2021I see comments of defects and there are some fanboys who ca... moreIt's target feature set is different. It has an IP rating better than 90% of flagships (IP ratings aren't back-compatible so Sony is the only one rated for immersion AND jets), sd card slot which similar options are lacking, side fingerprint reader, and an OLED screen which isn't as impressive with the crazy good offerings this year.

Those positives aside, as you said, very middling processor and nokia-tier trash cameras. I don't think there are any GCam ports for it either.

A7sii, 10 Jan 2021Warning: Incoming trolls with complaints like broken glass ... moreIs camera has issued or improve by the update?

  • Jingx

When most of the phones have big bulky sizes, sony came with smart solutions. I love their designs, programs, and others. It was different from the rest and i love this phone so much. You must have more patience in order to understand the good things from this phone compare to others.

  • A7sii

Warning: Incoming trolls with complaints like broken glass and weak SD 665 processor..A real user like me didn't experience any problems. Lovely phone!

  • relican

So, I was clumsy and dropped my phone by mistake from miserable 35 cm on a wooden desk a was standing at - in front of my computer (no joke). The front display shattered completely and the back side of the gorilla glass shattered too (not that surprsing, gorilla glass is crap). Had the phonme for ONE week.

There is not enough hate in the world to express what I feel right now. This phone has the worst build quality have seen in 20 years. Joke's on me for buying it. Sony has miserable reputation for a reason.

Wold not recommend.

  • Boombastic

I see comments of defects and there are some fanboys who can't even bear complaints of their favourite company. Plastic back is okay but frame should be metal... Snapdragon 665 for absurd price... Ridiculous

But for 27,000 INR or $350 it doesn't worth snapdragon 665 is the only flaw in this phone evrything is good

  • A7sii

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021not good quality camera which is often freezing, which suck... moreThere was no recent update..Stop trolling hater!

  • A7sii

Tactictaylor, 01 Jan 2021Very poor camera, plastic frame scratches easily, dust gets... moreCamera has no issues, Plastic frame doesn't scratch...I used it without a cover for few months. Stop trolling...Liar!

  • Martin Brummell

I bought my Sony Xperia 10 II in December after my Xperia XA1 accumulated too many problems. The XA1 was a good phone for me, I'd say 8 out of 10 when I got it, but after nearly 2 years (bought refurbished in February 2019) I just couldn't really rely on it any more. Lots of reading and watching review videos here on GSMArena - keep up the good work, please! - and I settled on the 10 II because I like Sony phones and I didn't need to spend more than a thousand dollars on a flagship or flagship-killer (not really sure about those categories but yeah, more than a grand for a new and extra-shiny thing isn't really in the budget right now).

I received the phone 24 December and moved over the SIM card and the micro-SD card that has all my music. Setup of the new phone through the new-and-improved Xperia Transfer 2 was OK, even though some of my more recent contacts did not transfer because Google found a backup from early December rather than grabbing the list of contacts off of the old phone. But at least it didn't auto-install ALL of my old apps, some of which I haven't used for a long time and should have just uninstalled.

The one major drawback to the 10 II that comes up in other reviews concerns the camera. I have not experienced the lag or other problems that other people talk about. I was able to set up my preferences for the camera - shutter controlled by volume button, double-press the power button to quick launch camera - easily and the manual mode controls are pretty intuitive and helped me try out the camera on some insects on flowers. The three back cameras are a nice feature, I like having some optical zoom to use in the form of a 52mm lens to go with the main camera's 26mm slightly-wide lens.

I haven't tried Night Mode yet but otherwise the phone has been performing well. Music plays in stereo from both the main speaker at the bottom of the phone and from the ear speaker. But I mostly listen to music through a cheap bluetooth speaker, which this phone connects to simply and reliably - a finicky and troublesome bluetooth on my old phone was a big part of my decision to upgrade.

This phone is quite long (tall), but it's also narrow and I've found it quite nice to handle and use. I played around with the Multi-Window split-screen feature but to me it's unnecessary. I guess I just don't use my phone in that way.

Overall, 9 out of 10 so far. The loss of one point comes from the extremely slippery surface, this phone will not stay still on any surface that's not perfectly level - it slides out of pockets, off of tables, down between sofa cushions, but not from my fingers and anyway a $20 case from Amazon will solve that problem once it arrives.

I'm in Australia, the phone cost about $550 AUD, half a year after initial release. Mine came from Hong Kong, I think one in Australia might have cost a few dollars more.

  • Anonymous

not good quality camera which is often freezing, which sucks. After last update I am expiriencing problems with loudness :(

Very poor camera, plastic frame scratches easily, dust gets into less than powerful lower speaker grill. Not happy at all with device being honest. Screen is good and phone compact, but it is nowhere near as good as even a TCL 10L which is half the price, better camera sound and screen even just being LCD.

Fabbey, 02 Dec 2020this phone is garbage,it has a android software?!... moreBest phone available in this class and price range. Camera will be upgraded 59.0.A.10.5. Avoid trolls!