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  • ralf316

Guys, are u have at back of the phone sticker with name on manufactory in Ja[an and Adress Sony in Europe (Belgium)- how i can get rid of this>?
Fingerprint sensor is working even u dont push the powerbutton just u said here. I dont use camera at all but rest sims to be good at this phone:)
WiFi connection is very stable. Today/tommorow i going to check more if i find smth i write:)

HeyHey, 30 May 2020I kinda interested on Xperia 10 II and recently Sony just l... moreWell, it's only up to you - I would prefer (and I will) Sony because of the build quality, waterproof (IP), clean Android and UI stability (Samsung is everything but clean and stable when it comes to SW interface). But still lot of people like Samsung phones, so most likely you won't do mistake by choicing either of them.
Out of non-Chineese brands there is still LG. But my preferences out of these options would still stay at Sony (and they also DO stay - my Sony is already preordered).

Wish you make good phone choice which suites you best - let us know how you decided!

P.S.: And maybe there is also this attitude: Are you intersted in Sony? Go for it. Sony needs customers to support their mobile division. You could help to keep another market competitor to the major brands alive. Samsung have plenty of customers already...

  • HeyHey

I kinda interested on Xperia 10 II and recently Sony just launched this phone on my country.Does this phone really worth to buy because I want to upgrade my phone this year and tbh I want to avoid any Chinese phone so my only opinion is either Samsung or Sony.
Btw I use Redmi 5 (kinda old tho).

Ravikumar, 27 May 2020Specs good, but 6gigs ram would be great.You won't need them 6gigs. Chinese phones put more because they can't manage it. Sony does a good job at ram management

Igor, 29 May 2020Yes, I can confirm that the phone does have a gyroscope. ... moreMy only question is. When I Want to take pictures does it lag? Like if I want to take multiple shots fast?

superpup, 29 May 2020Yes but the volume button is on the wrong side 🙄 Everyth... moreShame to hear those bad experiences with camera, but after all - it's not a priority to me anyway; so let's hope all the daily-use qualities such as a UI stability, not heating, battery endurance, multitasking, content browsing, realiability, non-lagging, build quality (...) will prove the high standard expectations. Nice to hear from you that almost everything else is good or great expect the camera issues - maybe it will be truly fixed by following updates after all.
Really looking forward to my "piece" - I am not any sort of blind Sony fan boy, this will be my first Sony device, but I am truly looking forward to it, which wouldn't be imaginable for me to feel this with any Chineese phone, or even Samsung. So personally I will gladly respect all those shortcomings (which will be there always, no matter what phone we would be talking about) and have something I feel happy about; than choosing better specs of uninteresting phone I feel nothing about :-)

  • ralf316

I get it:) and what an ugly sticker on the back bleeee can i remove it?
Screen is very nice but i dont like protruding camera panel and volume button.
i even do not set everything its too much to do so i even do not start cemera at all;p size is nice phone is good handing but for me is a little to light.
At all a few days at all this issues stop disturbing me:)
SD665 with 4G Ram its enough for me and i do not notice any problems with that.
I like that phone but i would like it more when i set up everything transfer all data etc.
When i find smth bad (or good) i would write about:)

Ralf316 , 29 May 2020In reviews and producent info - volume button should be pro... moreYes but the volume button is on the wrong side 🙄

Everything else about the phone has been really good. It's fast, battery lasts forever, doesn't get hot, I like the size format, feels good with 2 glass sides, etc. Doesn't feel like a 300 EUR phone except in the camera department maybe. I've only really been posting the negatives lol

  • Kfav82

superpup, 29 May 2020Just played around with the camera some more. We can talk a... moreLink for changing the volume button function whilst camera is active to gain shutter button...

  • Ralf316

superpup, 29 May 2020Just played around with the camera some more. We can talk a... moreIn reviews and producent info - volume button should be programable and u can use it as Photo taker.
I am calm about cameras, Sony will fix most issues.
Mi. Minuses : bad cameras software and no FM radio - are u find smth more?

  • Igor

ralf316, 29 May 2020In few phone sites was info that fm Radio is on a few tol... moreI bought it in MediaExpert in Sunday. It hard to say smth about battery, because I need some time to understand how it is. But what I see now, it is very good.

  • mat

Igor, 29 May 2020Yes, I can confirm that the phone does have a gyroscope. ... moreHow is the audio quality on a wire or wireless headphones?

  • hifi

I'm really interested in how this phone goes with the audio quality. I mean with the good headphones (wire and wireless with aptX HD) and a good audio files or e.g. TIDAL Master quality. Has anyone checked this already?

Just played around with the camera some more. We can talk about image quality some time with comparisons (hint: it's quite bad IMO), but as far as the actual functionality goes, I can tell you that it's pretty bad.

Just a couple things I noticed just now:

1) Manual mode only works for the main lens, not the UW or TP. Once you enable manual, it switches to the main lens, with no way of switching back. This also means this is the only lens with HDR functionality. (edit: looking at the Xperia 5 review here, this is how it is on the other devices as well)

2) The TP lens does NOT keep focus on a subject, and if it loses focus, it will NOT get it back. The only way around this is to switch back to the main lens, focus there, then switch lenses and hope it sticks. Again since there's no manual focus for this lens, you're screwed.

It's possible that these can be addressed with software updates. For now, just consider it a 1 lens camera, or maybe 1.5, because the TP lens is useless, and the UW doesn't have manual mode.

Also, I miss the shutter button. I still don't' get why that was removed. It was one of the small unique features Xperia phones had that I enjoyed.

And I can confirm finally yes: there is a gyro scope. It works in that software.

  • ralf316

Igor, 29 May 2020Yes, you a right, but only if phone has FM Radio but it doesnt ;)In few phone sites was info that fm Radio is on a few told that is no radio... but
lack of FM Radio is not big problem. U can always use online radio:)
I am using xperia x and xperia 10II has exactly the same widh:)
I bought my !) II in Poland in RtvEuroAgd (i will get it today afternoom) and where u bought yours?
Its new device so probably we will find some issues but i hope sony fixes it in next updates:)
If u notice more pluses and minuses share it with us we can compare it with our devices:)
Especially write sth about battery:)

  • Igor

Exyvia, 29 May 2020I maybe wrong but FM radio uses the earphones as a antenna?Yes, you a right, but only if phone has FM Radio but it doesnt ;)

Igor, 29 May 2020Yes, I can confirm that the phone does have a gyroscope. ... moreI maybe wrong but FM radio uses the earphones as a antenna?

  • Igor

Yes, I can confirm that the phone does have a gyroscope.
Overall phone is very good. Screen is bright and colors are very nice. Fingerprint sensor works perfect for me, 10/10 Idk where firgerprint sensor problem from for this device.
1) The phone is really tall. You have to get use to it. Better try it in IRL before you buy.
2) Camera quality is low, maybe it will be fixed in next update or with Gcam (idk what version I have to use for my phone). Ultrawide / telefoto sensors seem like from Xperia 1, but main sensor is Sony IMX486 and it old and weak. This sensor is used in Xiaomi MiA2, Redmi S2. 6, 7A. My previous phone (4 years old Honor 8) make a better photo.
3) Lack of FM Radio. FM Radio was confirmed in Asian version of this device. All reviews has information about that. I have bought this phone in Poland and there is lack of FM Radio.
4) Lack of native Gallery Application / Calculator. Instead of Gallery Application you have a Google Photo.
If you have some question, feel free to ask.

  • Anonymous

superpup, 29 May 2020If it's the g-force meter that uses the gyroscope, then yes... moreThanks for the answer! The G-force is read from the accelerometer though, not the gyro.
In the top left hamburger menu you should be a separate "Gyroscope" option that should display angular velocity if it works.

Fosil, 28 May 2020I wonder, what are the bonus in the Poland? Here in Bohemia... moreI just checked the Smartone website, and it's $4600 HKD there, so almost 2X the price of an Xperia 10 II. I don't know how he got it for $3700, maybe it requires him to sign up for a plan. If that's the case, it's no deal then because these carriers make you sign up for extra packages to cover the discount. So he'll be paying an extra $40 a month for 2 years to cover that $1000 discount. Actually they often make you buy TWO of these packages, so in the end he might be paying $1000 more for it over MSRP.