Sony Xperia 10 II gets Android 11 update

Michail, 27 January 2021

The latest Sony phone to get Android 11 is the Xperia 10 II. Sony is seeding firmware update 59.1.A.0.485 in South East Asia and it's expected to make its gradual release to more regions in the coming weeks.

Xperia 10 II Android 11 update screen Xperia 10 II Android 11 update screen
Xperia 10 II Android 11 update screen (Source: XDA)

The new update comes in at just under 1GB in size and the December security patch. Like with other recent Xperia software updates you can expect the standard Android 11 additions like chat bubbles, overhauled notifications management and one-time permissions. Other extras include Battery Care which can limit charging to 80% or 90% for battery longevity, improved media controls, native screen recorder and notification history.



Reader comments

  • Tony

You mean me!!!! I have recently switched from iPhone to android and bought a Xperia 5 ii, but you know, I hardly shoot 20 photos with my phone in past 10 years. What a waste, all I want from a phone is reliability and sharp screen. iPhone and to be ...

  • Tony

Dude, Xperia phones are made in Thailand, I have Xperia 5 ii and it is. Even if you type Xperia unboxing on YouTube, and pay attention while they show the phone box, it’s so easy to see clearly. For sure they have been designed in Japan but assem...

  • Anonymous

Still waiting in my region Israel

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