Sony Xperia 10 III on preorder in Germany, free noise canceling headphones included

Michail, 12 May 2021

Nearly a month after its official announcement, Sony’s Xperia 10 III has finally gone on pre-order in Germany. The first midrange Xperia with 5G connectivity comes bundled with a pair of Sony WH-CH710N noise canceling headphones and costs €429.

Sony Xperia 10 III on preorder in Germany with free noise canceling headphones

You can pick up the phone in black, white, blue or pink colors while the headphones are only offered in black. Orders are expected to ship from June 11 which still leaves a month’s time from today.

The same promotion is available on with a scheduled delivery date for June 21. Buyers on Amazon are treated to an additional 6 month manufacturer's guarantee on top of Sony's existing 24 months warranty.

Thanks to Josip for the tip!



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

A52 5G uses SD750, A52 4G SD720. Where did you get 730/732 from? As usual, you won't hold your hands up and admit your mistake.

  • Anonymous

Lies. Compare the 5G versions. A52 5G uses Snapdragon 750G, which is clearly superior to 690.

There is no word about stereo in press release, Sony official website or Xperia 10 III announcement video.

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