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Sony Xperia 10 IV

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  • 17 Jun 2022

JohnKrilk, 15 Jun 2022I am using XZ1 compact now, i still waiting Xperia 10 IV to... moresony still avail in malaysia??

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    • Leorain
    • Aba
    • 16 Jun 2022

    My first smartphone was Sony Xperia Ray back in 2012, it was a Great phone. I still Miss Xperia phones but not available in BD

      I wish we could buy this model in the Middle East.
      Sony left the Middle East and turned its back on the fans!

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        • JohnKrilk
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        • 15 Jun 2022

        Jolik, 14 Jun 2022After endless searching to replace my Xperia XA2, this was ... moreI am using XZ1 compact now, i still waiting Xperia 10 IV to be launch in Malaysia.
        I still choose SONY (Xperia 10 IV) bec
        1)Size (easy for one hand operate)
        4)Audio Jack + Audio performance
        5)Less pop up advertising
        6)21:9 ratio screen

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          • 14 Jun 2022

          After endless searching to replace my Xperia XA2, this was the only one. Also considered Xperia 5 and zenfone8 but too high price.
          Just pre ordered now. I am glad Sony doesn’t follow this new pop trends from nowadays manufacturers.

          -compact for nowadays standard
          -jack 3,5mm ! I listen music from headphones so no worries about single speaker
          -zoom camera
          -OIS and seems the cameras are improved since mark iii
          -the greatest battery life
          -no stupid notch or punch hole
          -no propaganda like Chinese phones
          -Sony battery care

          Slow charge, sure faster would be better but also less heat I guess - good for battery, the battery endurance of this phone makes this not a problem.
          About the 60Hz I personally exchange higher refresh rate for better battery life, also don’t care about that!
          Only thing I will miss is the 11mm ultrawide selfie cam from Xperia XA2!

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            • 7Xc
            • 14 Jun 2022

            roots and wings, 14 Jun 2022Thanks for your reply, I think I'll wait and buy one s... moreAs long as you dont root or unlock bootloader but only flash stock firmwares, warranty wont be voided or bricking is less of an issue since you arent modifying system files.

              Anonymous, 13 Jun 2022Consider this though. You are trading that higher refresh r... moreSpoken like a true gentleman. I am also waiting for my preorder for Xperia 10 IV to arrive. I believe Sony did something special with this one.

              I went from xperia XA2 to Samsung A70 and now back to Sony Xperia 10 IV.

              The A70 is great but:
              -The music EQ is poor
              -The battery life dropped to 2-3h SOT after 2,5 years (Ok, but I needed to recharge twice, three times a day)
              -The phone is a bit too big.
              -Lack of 5G
              -camera is meh
              -The phone is approaching EOL

              Why I chose Xperia 10 IV:

              -Fantastic battery life
              -Android 12 (upgrade from A70)
              -eSim and dual sim support - (only hybrid duals sim on A73 or A53)
              -micro SD card expandable
              -Solid camera setup with OIS
              -Compcat phone
              -near vanilla Android
              -Side sense looks cool and usable
              -better screen gorilla glass victus (than gorilla 5/6 on a53 and a73)
              -better media experience (EQs and video players)
              -About 5% more screen content (samsung/xiaomi 2400 vs sony 2520 pixels)
              -I got XM4s earphones recently, style decision
              -has actual proximity sensor -collegues with xiaomi phones constantly mute themselves on calls
              -A bit of a Sony fanboy, I am ok with 100€ premium just for the Sony badge, lol
              -I can live without high refresh rate and 4k videos (on FHD resolution phone).

                Anonymous, 11 Jun 2022Dunno what the downsides are of flashing stock firmware fro... moreThanks for your reply, I think I'll wait and buy one secondhand in a couple of years, so if I make a mess of flashing it I won't nullify a warranty on a new phone. Or if I see lots of buyers successfully flashing a radio ROM without any ill effects I'll get a new one and do it. It's a pity that Sony don't offer it out of the box in this region though. They've lost a sale to Xiaomi (Redmi Note 10 Pro has it I believe) for replacing my decade-old venerable Xperia S, which does have FM and NFC.
                Thanks again for your response!

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                  • 8qQ
                  • 13 Jun 2022

                  Anonymous, 11 Jun 2022>Plastic build >Monospeaker >60Hz display >4... moreConsider this though. You are trading that higher refresh rate on other phones for much lower endurance. And on a mid ranger, I'd take high endurance over useless refresh rate any day. It also means, Sony offers you this choice. Literally everyone else does the same thing. I appreciate Sony taking different approach and prioritizing different things. Also monospeaker, honestly, when did you actually last use a speaker where stereo was required.... me, never. I use earphones when in public as not to annoying other people with my terrible music tastes or when at home, I use proper audio setups. That monospeaker means space for larger battery or anything else. That price, means there's virtually no bloatware on Sony phones and at least 3 years of updates (granted they could do better like Apple or Samsung), which is 3 years more than you get from cheap phones from chinese brands which have dozens of bloatware apps preinstalled and some even come with ads. So yeah, higher cost, but in cheaper phone you pay for it with your data or other annoyance. So honestly, I'd take this over anything else right now. And as it happens I am, I got it on preorder. Oh and last thing, no punchholes, it's amazing. I think it's great Sony does something much different than everyone else.

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                    • 11 Jun 2022

                    >Plastic build
                    >60Hz display
                    >429 price

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                      • 7Xc
                      • 11 Jun 2022

                      roots and wings, 10 Jun 2022I want an FM radio too, in EU region. What is the rational... moreDunno what the downsides are of flashing stock firmware from different region but if they have more features like FM Radio then I guess just go for it. Just like when US had disabled FP due to patent but flashing EU/ASIA FP enabled firmware fixes it.

                      Important thing is English Language is available.

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                        • 4Iy
                        • 11 Jun 2022

                        I'm not sure how well "endurance rating" translates to screen-on time, which is what's actually important, but 168 hours is ridiculous in comparison to practically every other phone on this site.

                        Once this phone drops to like 250 which should be its actual price based on specs, it's a definite buy.

                        Such nice color options, too. What a rarity.

                          Anonymous, 03 Jun 2022I believe firmware from Asia Regions have FM App on their s... moreI want an FM radio too, in EU region. What is the rationale for not allowing FM reception when it's already in the hardware? Xiaomi have a *#*#6484#*#* hack to get to a screen to enable it. It would be great if Sony had such a hack too. Having to learn how to flash Japanese ROMs onto EU phones, and trying to find out what are the downsides of that ROM, is just a time sink.

                            Anonymous, 12 May 2022Sony we want real compact series phones back. Remember you ... moreSo just buy S22, pretty compact to me, Xiaomi 12X is also quite small.

                              Senra, 28 May 2022This phone and Pixel 6a will be the only smaller (5.5"... moreWhat about Xiaomi 12X? You can also buy last year S21, both blows this phone out of water, though no jack.

                                Andrew, 10 Jun 2022499 for this? What are they smoking ? It's 249 phone. ... moreWith 67mm width, jack, waterproofing, SD card and insane battery life? Good luck, this is pretty amazing phone, if they put there SD778, only thing I really don't like it's the SoC.

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                                  • Andrew
                                  • M5h
                                  • 10 Jun 2022

                                  499 for this? What are they smoking ? It's 249 phone. You can buy Xiaomi 12x for 549 or just go for ton of other good options bellow 400 mark (Nord 2, GT Neo...)

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                                    • 07 Jun 2022

                                    Dean F, 04 Jun 2022They did release a phone that Ace 2's size. It's... moreYeh but the ace phones were released in Japan only! There is no global version.

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                                      • 06 Jun 2022

                                      LOL, 01 Jun 2022Most people don't care about custom roms. A few irate ... moreBut it does help to reduce e-waste even just a little by being able to get the latest android via custom roms.

                                      Like I still use XZ Premium with the Latest Android 12 LineageOS ever since it stopped recieving updates. I tend to keep my phone till it breaks or irepairable(crack screen/dead motherboard) then thats when I replace it with another newer model.

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                                        • 04 Jun 2022

                                        Anon, 02 Jun 2022Very few compact phones around. This is not exactly compact... moreThey did release a phone that Ace 2's size. It's called the Ace 3.