Sony Xperia 1 II

Sony Xperia 1 II

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  • Dave

This is my next device.
God bless Sony!

  • Anonymous

This phone looks good specs wise ... Look is just average i would say

sexy design

  • A.El-Rahman Abbas

Great job sony ❤❤

UFS 2.1 ))) with snapdragon 865 .

Selfie 8mp Flagman model 2020year near March . ))) Wtf sony


wow this phone looks beatifull

  • Anonymous

I'm definitely getting this one

  • Stealth Reviews

Tann Hauser, 24 Feb 2020Tech lovers Dream phone. Seriously enhanced everything: ... moreGive your head a wobble mate!

I like how you have quoted half the things that consumers do not even ask for or understand. This will no way get them selling more than what they sold in 2019.

Overpriced devices for what they actually are!

  • Nnabazz

GG, 24 Feb 2020I will absolutely buy this one.Definitely

Finally Sony listened.
If the specs are true on this one, it will regain its attention. Sony used to make some great devices, but recently they've been kinda dull to be honest.
I hope Sony comes back and regains it self at the top just like the good old days :-)

  • farukr1

A few nitpicks:
-No frosted glass on the back
-No UFS 3.0
-Internal DAC for 3.5mm port is probably mediocre and not LG level
-No actual 120/90Hz display
-960fps slo-mo is gone yet there is no 240fps
-Most probably below-average quality selfie camera
-Charging speeds lower than competition (this one might be a good thing if you care about longevity and health of your battery)
-Again same old very small and weak LED flash

But overall, you can't really hate this device with it's gorgeous design and huge spec improvements, new manual photo app is also one of a kind.

  • R-Law

I'm gonna wait for the compact version of this!!! I'm surprised xperia 1 mark 2 is actually thinner than xperia 1 even though they increased the battery.

  • em

When does this come out in Australia please ! I miss sony phones !

The Sony Xperia 1 II. What a daft name.

  • Dustin

2020 but no wireless charging, no Reversible charger ....

  • Yasser Abdel Rahman

How they managed to keep front facing stereo speakers in very tinny space with 84% screen to body ratio to give us ultimate audio experience 🤔 .. SONY is symbol of perfection ❤️❤️❤️

I will definitely buy it considering every Xperia I have used in recent years have proved to be as perfect as can get in terms of long term dependability and strong combination of software and hardware.

  • Thetruthtellermark11

If this phone flops again like the xperia 1 and xz2 Sony will most likely have no choice but to exit the smartphone business because their losing money every year selling phones. I just don't think there's enough people out there that would want to buy a sony phone. People these days only buy what's popular- samsung and apple. A 19 year old will always desire a iPhone even if the Sony phone could cook for you. Sony seem to be heavily investing in this phone partnering with zeiss lens reverting back to the omni balance design square sides, now the phone has no curves at all on the display corners. I think curved corner displays look more modern though so this could be a mistake. I like Sony phones I have the xz2 and I am satisfied with it for now its more than powerful enough i just wish sony would fix the android 10 update for it.

OnePlus and Xiaomi are still better.

  • Anonymous

Why doesn't it come with triluminos display & x-reality engine technology?? I love Sony very much . But since Sony move to 21:9 aspect ratio, I stopped using it . I want 18 or 19 : 9 aspect ratio. Sony should make 2 optional screen aspect ratio ; 1 option is cinematic screen & the other is 18 or 19 : 9, cuz not everyone likes cinematic display.......