Sony Xperia 1 II

Sony Xperia 1 II

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  • Thetruthtellermark11

If this phone flops again like the xperia 1 and xz2 Sony will most likely have no choice but to exit the smartphone business because their losing money every year selling phones. I just don't think there's enough people out there that would want to buy a sony phone. People these days only buy what's popular- samsung and apple. A 19 year old will always desire a iPhone even if the Sony phone could cook for you. Sony seem to be heavily investing in this phone partnering with zeiss lens reverting back to the omni balance design square sides, now the phone has no curves at all on the display corners. I think curved corner displays look more modern though so this could be a mistake. I like Sony phones I have the xz2 and I am satisfied with it for now its more than powerful enough i just wish sony would fix the android 10 update for it.

OnePlus and Xiaomi are still better.

  • Anonymous

Why doesn't it come with triluminos display & x-reality engine technology?? I love Sony very much . But since Sony move to 21:9 aspect ratio, I stopped using it . I want 18 or 19 : 9 aspect ratio. Sony should make 2 optional screen aspect ratio ; 1 option is cinematic screen & the other is 18 or 19 : 9, cuz not everyone likes cinematic display.......

  • Best phone 2020

Wow. 3.5mm jack, a 1.8µm sensor, 4k90Hz, front stereo speakers. Wow.

Gradually Sony Xperia is waking up from the slumber. Nice specifications just that the internal memory UFS is 2.1 instead of upgrading to 3.1. I am looking forward when the battery would be upgraded to 5000MAh.

Sony needs to get their act together, as well LG. They keep pressing the same keystroke: average phones for the price of a flagship from Samsung or Apple while chinese brands deliver great phones for half or sometimes a third of their pricing.

Sony, LG, HTC and other dying brands need to get their act together again.

  • flagshipper

wow..this is good. as a picky flagship worshipper, i am impressed. this model will tell you what's next -- no more shyte notches, improve bezels, return the working fingerprint (on its best position - side or front), return jack, return SD card. lot of audio/video excellence here. and the weight is NORMAL while battery is great. thanks!

  • S8 9.0

Sony is living in 2018 ..

  • kujtim zymeri

Mobilemaster, 24 Feb 2020I thought this will come with higher MP, but it seems the P... moremp does not metter always

  • Anonymous

At first, it got me interested. Now Sony has my attention.
A feature rich phone which is cool, although the name is a bit weird.

  • В&#108

GG, 24 Feb 2020I will absolutely buy this too :)

  • Ibrahim

GG, 24 Feb 2020I will absolutely buy this one.How much

Tech lovers Dream phone.

Seriously enhanced everything: photography, videography, audiophile wants, multimedia, gaming, and all basic specs.

Looks absolutely stunning, no notches/holes, enhanced 3.5 mm jack, with 360 audio and DSEE Ultimate, 256 gb and sd card support, front stereo speakers, 4000 maH battery with Battery Care, side fp/power combo, new cam/lens/sensor setup.
We will miss the Super slo mo, but heck, the alpha AF/AE dual PDAF and main sensor tech inside make up for it.

Smart move believing those rumors of jack coming back and just waiting a bit more to see it happen.

Waiting for smaller Xperia 5 mark II now.
Joy in me. :)

  • miguel0818

Finally Sony decided to produce something that will bring their fans back!
Been using my old xperia XZ and waiting for something worth to buy!

  • Anonymous

i wonder how's the low light/night shot performs as i this was not highlighted in presentation. hope they improve it

bring it to Turkey!!!

I waiting baby

  • Bablu

Please launch this in India Sony

  • GG

I will absolutely buy this one.

  • FrostPE

Welcome back SONY, hope for great camera and celebrate return of 3,5 mm jack. Nice job SONY...