Sony Xperia 1 II

Sony Xperia 1 II

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  • Anonymous

Vineet Reddy, 24 Feb 2020Is this the phone with which SONY is going to redeem it sel... moreThanks for the laugh.

  • Infinitycane

Finally sony decides to put a battery in their phones.

Good specs. Price it wisely

Finally, a worthy spiritual successor of the XZ1. Glad to see the 3.5mm audio jack coming back to flagship-grade Xperia. To anyone who said that wireless audio is so much better than wired, you can f*** off! I had been a long time wireless audio user before and I definitely would NEVER embrace it back! Nothing beats a simple and robust longevity of a wired headphone or earphone.

  • Nnabazz

Now that's the phone of the year

  • kujtim zymeri

Socalteknique, 24 Feb 20203x Zoom, 4000mah battery, wireless charging, stereo speaker... morethe people who hate sony must learn one thing onee thing if sony wants can do it they are not interested more on phone market like on ps

  • kujtim zymeri

shazii, 24 Feb 2020again no 8k not 48 or 64mp cam same old thing with 5g and b... moreanalyse better the specs

  • HIU

This phone is bigger than some people. :-)

2020 sony coming with side fingerprint.....

Get involved sony....that's 2020

  • AnonD-129221

This phone looks excellent!

  • DubaiLad

This will be my first sony high end phone of the year, when it will be available in Dubai?

  • Anonymous

Hopefully the audio jack is unspecified

  • Anonymous

The best improvements from Sony xperia 1, 3.5mm headphone jack, dual front stereo speaker, 4000mAh battery, 3x optical zoom, side mounted fingerprint sensor (double as a power button)

zeiss lens? wooowwwwww

  • GatesJnr

Camera and design is sturdy and insane! aaahhh i miss my Xperia days.Fingers crossed on the price!

  • Anonymous

21:9 ratio is tragic

Specs look great, questions about cameras, the size of pixels etc., and UFS 2.1?!really? They could place 3.0

UFS 2.1 is disappointing..

  • Socalteknique

3x Zoom, 4000mah battery, wireless charging, stereo speakers, better cameras, Zeiss lens, no stupid notch, no curved edges, no rounded display corners, superb audio, and a headphone jack. I might ditch my P30 Pro for this!

  • Anonymous

I love sony. now with worlds first camera with autofocus 20 burst shots.