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Is Green line issue on this phone?

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    • LK3
    • 14 hours ago

    Good day all my Sony Xperia 1 iii is not showing the notification pop up below the screen when the person you are calling is another call any ideas what can be done

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      • Western87
      • XBA
      • 19 Mar 2023

      It's a nice phone. I like the built and i love sony display... Just that on always on display, i get a grey brown in an ova shape when looking at it in a dark room... The battery screen on time is 5hours 10 minutes from full charge till 5%.. I'm on Android 13.. it's very stable and everything is working very well... I did a factory reset immediately after update... But I'm not very pleased with the camera, i thought this phone is going to be a beast among android device due to the lens underneath it, but it's quite the opposite... The camera from the alpha app is not very impressive and it's difficult to understand.. i would have equally suggest that sony should have allowed the use of third party camera apps like the gcam.. but it isn't working .. I'm from Nigeria and people do like something very user friendly.. i have used all the Sony flagship from 2011 till date without missing anyone.. but this is the most expensive and has done little good compare to the previous models.. i huge Sony to make camera on their device more better... It's one of the most selling aspects of a flagship device

        haha bobo, 04 Aug 2021This device is very underwhelming compared to the recent fl... moreYet the Mi 11 Ultra success didn't make Xiaomi released 12S Ultra to global market that they should have been, and the 1 III controversy and some fails around the net didn't hinder Sony, but even keep motivating Sony to released Xperia 1 IV globally and far better than 1 III, regardless of the comments and bring back true optical zoom that mostly though Oppo will do it first since Zenfone Zoom, meaning Sony is consistent with their decision right now to keep Xperia on the market.

          Anonymous, 14 Mar 2023Good or bad?Shockingly decent, nothing too special, neither too bad

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            • I8t
            • 14 Mar 2023

            Anonymous, 11 Mar 2023Battery life on this is shockingGood or bad?

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              • mxm
              • 11 Mar 2023

              Battery life on this is shocking

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                • Fvc
                • 16 Feb 2023

                diehardsony, 20 Jan 2023i had some call related issues , after upgraded to 13 its a... moreI have also had call/text and mobile data issues since December. Sony have gone through 2 months worth of diagnostic tests and cannot identify the problem, and certainly have not identified the solution.
                In the meantime, I have not had mobile data, and can only make calls when standing underneath a mobile cell antenna!

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                  • gPA
                  • 04 Feb 2023

                  New update to a13 was a surprise and it pissed me off. Reboot after update messed up the DPI making everything small. I recommend changing it to 379 in dev options. Other than that Android 13 is more or less the same with slight UI changes. You'll get used to it in a day if you already like 12. As for performance I haven't noticed anything different.

                    JM, 17 Sep 2022I love my 1 III but when I take/make a call, my chin or che... morewow-that is an issue also going as far back as the xa2 ultra-has to do with the google caller-have a Xiaomi that has the global rom with that silly google caller forced on to it (to make it legitimate for selling in EU and other markets-apparently google is not seen as spyware lol)...same issue.

                      Anonymous, 14 Dec 2022Can someone provide feedback on their experience with Andro... morei had some call related issues , after upgraded to 13 its all gone!

                        I've been using since arc, then Z3+,then Z5+ ,now 1iii from sept 21, they make best phones so far.however before you buy used ones check thoroughly, there are NG products also, best of luck from BD

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                          • th1
                          • 08 Jan 2023

                          Gordon, 07 Jan 2023I have the Russian version XQ-BC72 and am frustrated not ge... moreJust flash another firmware from different region that recieves regular updates! No need to unlock bootloader or root as your using original stock firmware to flash.

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                            • Gordon
                            • a0L
                            • 07 Jan 2023

                            I have the Russian version XQ-BC72 and am frustrated not getting security updates. the last security update was in December 2021 and still stuck on android 1 version 61.1.A.1.149.
                            come on Sony!!!

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                              • gwy
                              • 07 Jan 2023

                              Is this phone worth buying at 300$ (used but in Mint condition)? I really love sony phones, but the Mark IV is priced illogically high in my country (BD). Are there any Major differences except the SoC between III and IV to spend almost 650$ more for the IV? Please let me know if any major bugs or drawbacks of Xperia 1 III, to use in 2023.

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                                • wYI
                                • 05 Jan 2023

                                B El-Deen, 01 Jan 2023No, I didn't do a factory reset. I truly appreciate yo... moreIf you can live with the bugs without doing a factory wipe/reset then okay since its the only to fix transitional os upgrade bugs when jumping from different android versions.

                                Also it isnt really a hassle compared to other phones out there that don't have sdcard slot where you can store majority of your important files like photos, docs, etc. for instant access since cloud could cost you data or takes a while to upload then download them.

                                  Anonymous, 21 Dec 2022Did you do a factory wipe/reset after doing a major OS upgr... moreNo, I didn't do a factory reset. I truly appreciate your help, but the reset is truly a hassle, and I won't do it unless it's absolutely the only thing left. I'm just sick of Sony's weird bugs. We take the risk and buy their unsupported and near impossible to find products and all we get is underwhelming performance and bugs.

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                                    • Sledzik
                                    • Sec
                                    • 28 Dec 2022

                                    Anonymous, 14 Dec 2022Can someone provide feedback on their experience with Andro... moreAndroid 13 runs well, better battery

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                                      • wYI
                                      • 21 Dec 2022

                                      B El-Deen, 07 Dec 2022Suddenly a couple of days ago, the fingerprint sensor stopp... moreDid you do a factory wipe/reset after doing a major OS upgrade from 12 to 13? If not try doing so then observe if bug still persists.

                                      Ofcourse backup your files to sdcard & remove locks & logout all accounts.

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                                        • vxx
                                        • 14 Dec 2022

                                        Can someone provide feedback on their experience with Android 13 on their 1 III? The GSMA news page today regarding the update is full of brand-loyalty-wannabes. I just want to know how the update fares on this phone performance / usability-wise...!