Sony Xperia 1 promo video shows off its triple camera

Peter, 19 April 2019

The Xperia 1 will be Sonyís first triple camera phone when it launches next month. A short-but-sweet promo video shows what those three cameras can do.

The main shooter has a 26mm f/1.6 lens, but you can capture more of the scene with the ultra wide 16mm lens or zoom in with the 52mm tele lens. Sony took the phone to the Vessel at Hudson Yards to show what it can do. The crazy Escherian staircases are great at highlighting the differences between the three focal lengths.

Note that the video claims the ultra wide-angle 16mm lens has an f/1.6 aperture while says f/2.4. The video also says the 26mm lens is f/2.4, the site claims f/1.6. Itís clear these were switched around Ė the main camera is f/1.6, the ultra wide is f/2.4.



Reader comments

Hey Shui8 specs on paper don't mean jack shit ! What really matters is to have the actual phone in hand to do a proper evaluation. For example the camera. Again you can't do that let alone do a true camera comparison if the phones not out yet which t...

He talking about camera sensor, which is hardware. For now, the biggest Sony camera sensor & biggest pixel size along with latest tech lies inside Huawei Mate 20 Pro & P30 Pro (IMX 600 & IMX 650, 1/1.7" sensor size, 2.0 micron pixel size ...

: What's ironic is your comment ! The Xperia 1 isn't even out yet (for any type of proper camera review) but you state Huawei's better ! Now that's truly ironic and dumb too !!!