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Sony Xperia 1 VI

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MrSTTEK, 15 May 2024and then ask you for 2000 bucks? they won't sell it a... moreWell Sony is not smart if they would charge 2000 for a phone which you can produce cheaper than 800 Dollars!

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    • fqQ
    • 15 May 2024

    Sony thinks it is apple for putting such price tag on a device with almost no upgrade compared to its predecessor

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      • XDY
      • 15 May 2024

      Anonymous, 15 May 2024Exactly,,, nthn newSo nothing new means that the longer zoom range is the same as last year?

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        • JH6
        • 15 May 2024

        After so many years, Sony finally found out there is LTPO screen technology, vapor chamber technology and screens that are brighter than 1000 nits.

        Still, I am heavily disappointed. I expected a QHD resolution screen but Sony went down to FHD. The main cam has a small f/1.9 aperture. The telephoto camera has a tiny 1/3.5" sensor but wants to offer up to 7x continuous zoom. The ultra-wide remains with a small 1/2.5" sensor too.
        At least the main camera received a decent sensor, it took Sony until 2023 to throw away that crap 12mp 1/1.7" sensor.

        All in all, the hardware is disappointing concerning the fact that Sony claims to make the best and most professional camera phones.

        The new camera app is a welcome change, who would have the time to set all the settings manually on that tiny 21:9 screen to get the perfect shot? The eagle would fly away until the cameraman gets his messy phone ready, not to mention there were three different camera apps.

        Moreover, they release their phones shortly before other premium manufacturers move to the next generation, their software support was laughable until now (let's hope this changes now) and their prices are too high for what they offer.

          loko, 15 May 2024can someone explain to me why this phone exist? I mean slo... moreThe chin and forehead are for the front-firing speakers and, to be honest, I like this functional aesthetic much more than current phones with the display all around the place.

            1080 x 2340 pixels?????

              If you preorder it from Sony website, you get the XM1000-5 headphones for free, which makes the high price much more bearable.

                same phone hmm...

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                  • loko
                  • ehw
                  • 15 May 2024

                  can someone explain to me why this phone exist? I mean slow charging, has a 2017 chin, 6.5 screen. Why cant sony bring their designs up to speed while still keeping 3.5 and sdxc?

                    Mobilemaster, 15 May 2024I am curious if there will be a Pro version for this year w... moreand then ask you for 2000 bucks? they won't sell it around 1500

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                      • uno
                      • XZx
                      • 15 May 2024

                      Look's like remote control again

                        I am curious if there will be a Pro version for this year with better display and camera or not? Because this phone does not worth the price dear Sony( and I am definitely NOT a hater of Japanese brands!).
                        What I want to see from Sony: 1. 48-50 MP 1 inch main sensor with the option to shoot with full resolution.
                        2. 48 MP periscope camera with the same zoom range as this one.
                        3. 48 MP UW camera.
                        4. 6.5-6.6 inch display with 2K display.
                        5. At least a 40W of charging speed.
                        6. The same stereo speakers as we see on this one.
                        If they would use these specs, then the price range of 1300-1500 Dollars might be justified.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • X@9
                          • 15 May 2024

                          NORM, 15 May 2024this is not an upgrade..! the only premium thing here is th... moreExactly,,, nthn new

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                            • Jimbob
                            • 3xE
                            • 15 May 2024

                            no major upgrades same old price

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                              • D0e
                              • 15 May 2024

                              Nothing new in it... Once again Dejavu.

                                mawlki, 15 May 2024So you are the ony Human on earth who can see @ 400 points ... moreEvery upgrade that you've mentioned is already implemented in all flagship/premium smartphones at this point. My OnePlus 9 Pro which was released 3 years ago has a brighter screen than the VI and most of the things you mentioned. This is not worth the upgrade if you bought a flagship or a premium model in the last couple of years. Sony should've went with a QHD screen instead of FHD. UHD was way too much.

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                                  • Rajib
                                  • XN0
                                  • 15 May 2024

                                  Nothing new in Sony Xperia 1VI ......
                                  Now smart phone company doing best evaluation But Sony company goes to Down........
                                  The company research person is fully mad........

                                    Absolutely sucks. No major upgrades over the previous model, what's even the point in buying the mark 6? I'll wait for the Pro-II.

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                                      • luke7791
                                      • KZK
                                      • 15 May 2024

                                      Bruh you got rid of 4k display and still have the balls to price it at 1400 seriously 😑

                                        Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Apple phones are overpriced.
                                        Sony has many Bluetooth codecs, but they are still missing 1TB storrage and I bet they have still only 2 years of Android updates.

                                        I'm just stating my opinions.

                                        And my main point was talking about phones and Bluetooth codecs and of course I will talk about Bluetooth speakers, because Bluetooth codecs are what give the speaker it's connectivity.
                                        Everything I have said is true.

                                        Why bother reading my comments and replying to them then, if you don't care?
                                        Just ignore them.
                                        People who care about Music and audio will agree with me and Sony is made for audio/ Music.
                                        3.5mm Headphone jack with DAC and many Bluetooth codecs for Bluetooth users!!!!!
                                        And camera of course.

                                        Let me have my opinions and I will let you have yours.

                                        Isn't freedom of speech a thing?
                                        I can say whatever I want.