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Still can't understand what Gorilla Glass 6 means and why this particular phone getting scratched soooo easily. My kid's Nexus 6P is a way more affected by brutal usage but for some reason it's not getting scratches on the screen. Ridiculous!

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021To add to my previous comment, I forgot to mention one mino... moreAny camera improvements after Android 11 update? Just curious. I used to have this phone and photos quality plus overall camera app performance was rather frustrating. Cheers

  • rth

After the android 11 update, my fingerprint sensor finally works perfectly. The only issues I have experienced are time and notifications errors on always on display. Today i received a little extra update for android 11 which immediately seems to have solved this problem. Battery life is still perfect. I am very happy with my phone now :-)

  • Anonymous

To add to my previous comment, I forgot to mention one minor thing. Before updating to Android 11, I have used the developer settings and a different accent colour than the default one. After updating to 11 I have noticed the accent colour option in the developer settings is gone. It will remember the setting you have used before the update, but you cannot change it because the option is gone. I did a bit of research on this on the internet and it seems this is an issue on phones from other manufacturers too, related to the stock Android. Maybe this will get changed in the future, but I have my doubts. It doesn't bother me as much, because I like my current accent colour, but it is a bit of a dissapointment, since I was actually hoping there would be more accent colours to choose from, instead the option is completely gone. So if you use a different accent colour, make sure you choose the one you will be stuck with after the update. It may be also possible that the colour will revert to the default one after restarting or some next update, it was like this before.

  • Anonymous

I have updated my Xperia 5 to Android 11 (from Android 10, no factory reset or similar stuff) and no real issues. However, I didn't notice any real improvements, so I think more cautious users can afford to wait a bit with the update.

I have noticed the SD card is somewhat slower, not sure if it's related to the update though. If you have problems with the battery life, I recommend to disable the Digital Wellbeing app (I do recommend to disable it anyway, if you don't need it specifically, because it's just a battery hog mostly). I am pretty sure I did disable it after the update to Android 10, but it was enabled again after the update to 11, so the update may reenable it.

Have received A11 update. Installed it on top of A10 without hard reset. Everything works good so far.

  • sifoo

camera probleme since android 11

  • I-no

Xeng, 02 Feb 2021Did Xperia 5 have 6gb ram with 64gb storage?Yes, only for japan model docomo

  • Xeng

Did Xperia 5 have 6gb ram with 64gb storage?

  • Anonymous

Is there any feedback for Android 11 on Xperia 5?

  • Ex BBuser

Saneh Ka Mnisi Biyel, 06 Nov 2020Hey ppl M South Africa has been looking for Sony xperia pho... moreYou can get one from (Hong Kong) with slightly discounted prices with standard shipping charges (Fedex) to anywhere in the world. An amazing place to check out for major brands of smartphones & gadgets. Payment currency : Dollars.

  • Xpera

SM25, 01 Oct 2020Is it confirmed if this one will get Android 11?Yes

  • Anonymous

battery capacity is way too small

  • Chris T.

I sold mine cuz I could not find any working gcam camera mod. Has anyone tried the google camera mod with night mode? Thanx

Liberty City, 09 Dec 2020Guys, do y'all recommend this phone for use in the US?Not really I had S10+ and now Xperia 5 is my daily driver and they are the same price I would recommend you S10+

  • deadperia

today my Xperia5 just suddenly went dead & wont proceed after SONY logo anymore.
it was working fine earlier today.
oh noes

  • V

How is ruggedness on the 5? Shattered glass, dented body etc.

Guys, do y'all recommend this phone for use in the US?

  • Rait

Have you ever tried listening this dynamic vibration thing with bt earphones like wf-1000xm3? This is superb. Bad side is that when i turn it off, then something is missing 😛

please give me ur opinion
make update or leave it as it is ????
is any issue with the update???
please advise