Sony Xperia 5

Sony Xperia 5

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  • Samsung J1 mini user

Such a nice phone . Sony's design philosophy is brilliant. Ergonomically best with sleek and classy design. And oh yea that 10 bit fantastic OLED. Sony take my money & release it.

  • Zhr

Boring Designer

  • Yann

Marko97sx, 05 Sep 2019Too small? Weren't you people crying for a compact version?You call this small?!?
This is more than 2cm higher than X and XZ compact series. 3mm wider.
Compact is X, XZ, iPhone 4,4S etc.
This is too big for a compact phone.
Just that people start using fckng phablets in the last years, deasn't mean that everyone like it.
I want one-hand operated phone. This phone is not one-handed.

  • Keram

since when is a phone with a height of 158mm compact? is an inch taller they the previous compact sony phones... and comparable in size with the previous full size flagships

  • nick sloter

since this is similar to s10e but worse camera and battery it should be lower priced than samsung. but knowing sony, it will be more expensive and it will flop :( just sad

  • fred

Perfect size, I was waiting for that for a long time! It's got all what is needed!

  • Remy

Love it Sony

  • Anonymous

This is NOT compact.

Rdmkr, 05 Sep 2019How on earth is there a market for this ridiculous aspect r... moreToo small? Weren't you people crying for a compact version?

  • Snoop


  • Anonymous

How Sony thinks that a phone without DNG/RAW support is not a TOTAL waste of natural resources is beyond me.

As usual, no DNG/RAW = no buy.

Wow from me

  • Don

Nothing spectacular. At least they was leader in camera department...

This phone is narrower than a 16:9 5" phone, approximately =4.9" 16:9

Only 6GB ram and only 3140 mAh on a 6,1 inch screen and again 4K screen is a complete humbug on a 6 inch phone. Not even the person on radar on new your city airport spot differences between FHD and 4K on a 6 inch screen.
I am not impressed again.

  • Rdmkr

How on earth is there a market for this ridiculous aspect ratio, yet a 2019 phone in time-tested, traditional 16:9 is too much to ask...

Don't buy this. 6.1" in 21:9 is tiny. Similar in area to 5.6" and smaller than 5.5" in terms of UI scaling.

  • Raju

Nice as compact...

  • shazii

finally a love phone from sony hope camera this type is top of the mark

Amazing job!