Sony Xperia 5 IV

Sony Xperia 5 IV

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  • J
  • Jurtaani
  • ni8
  • 24 Mar 2023

Most disappointing phone i have ever owned.
It has the potential to be great, but sadly clearly 8gb is not cutting it with all of the Sony bloat.
All the way to mid February this phone was not even able to run both browser and Spotify at the same time, instead it just killed the player from the background and when you went back to Spotify, it would then kill browser.
Now they seem to have gotten active media players to work at least.

But now they have apparently dropped support for WearOS watches, as both my old Ticwatch pro 1 and my new Ticwatch pro 3 keep being dropped by the phone.
All that because the WearOS app won't stay open if you do anything else than keep it open in the screen.

Sometimes restarting the phone will make it work for 1-3 hours, until the watch turns back into magic wand and vibrates like crazy because of the constant "i lost connection, i have connected, hey have these 15 already notified notifications again, i lost connection..."

Also don't even think about playing something as demanding as Pokémon go on this phone, because that is just the fastest way to make sure that your watch turns into that vibrator.

Also how come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, you can't even handle simultaneous Spotify playback and opening up Firefox, Pokémon go or even Google messages app without playback beginning to skip and crackle for a second.

I'm sure that with stock pixel style software, this phone would be awesome, but with all the sony bs in it. I would dare to say that whatever 150€ cheap Android phone beats this thing in terms of usability and stability.

So sadly I have to say that this is definitely not worth your money.

    • j
    • jmn
    • M2f
    • 20 Mar 2023

    Anybody knows if the phone support UHS-II standard for micro sd?

      • A
      • Alpha
      • 80i
      • 18 Mar 2023

      Jimbob, 16 Mar 2023I dont think anyone bought this phone.. Me and 5 other people in my family did..and we will buy more in future.

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        • Anonymous
        • LeG
        • 17 Mar 2023

        Jimbob, 16 Mar 2023I dont think anyone bought this phone.. I did and very happy with it. Great phone.

          AB0999, 02 Mar 2023Which version has FM radio built in ????????

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            • Anonymous
            • Fvc
            • 16 Mar 2023

            Alpha, 16 Mar 2023Ziami is made in ChinaAnd xperia is made in India

              • J
              • Jimbob
              • 7@K
              • 16 Mar 2023

              I dont think anyone bought this phone..

                Alpha, 04 Mar 2023Go enjoy your 20:9 screen ratio that will have black border... moreI don't need scrolling in IG or FB as a already dumped FB for 10 years and IG never joined that. Quick phone call is all i need people wise and dslr photos go in email. I am more of an outdoors guy and even now and then meet people irl.

                  Anonymous, 04 Mar 2023lol, you don't have netflix? patheticThe majority of netflix i see here on my 19,3:9 S22 Ultra fits perfect. On Sony this content would be having left and right black area's.

                  Oh and for the occasional

                  s u p e r p a n a v i s i o n movie (not many!)

                  i watch rather on a large monitor or TV

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                    • Alpha
                    • 80i
                    • 16 Mar 2023

                    Anonymous, 14 Mar 2023Not better than xiaomiZiami is made in China

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                      • Anonymous
                      • IWV
                      • 14 Mar 2023

                      Anonymous, 28 Feb 2023hello could you tell me why Mark II is better than IVNot better than xiaomi

                        • L
                        • LateResonance
                        • cTD
                        • 12 Mar 2023

                        Anonymous, 11 Mar 2023hello could you tell me why Mark II is better than IVBecause the Snapdragon 888 and 8 Gen 1

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • Ef5
                          • 11 Mar 2023

                          Huwa, 01 Sep 2022Mark II is betterhello
                          could you tell me why Mark II is better than IV

                            Anonymous, 07 Jan 2023Those "200mp" cameras use 4x4 array of same colou... moreYes but all 200mp sensors are pretty big so who care about marketing

                              Anonymous, 05 Jan 2023Totally credible from someone who believed Xiaomi using 200... moreThey are...
                              Xiaomi 12T pro

                                Danish07, 04 Feb 2023How can sony justify the price for this phone?Its called specs

                                  Anonymous, 01 Jan 2023Do you actually believe that that chinese junk is using a 2... moreXiaomi does have 200mp sensors (Samsung isocell hp3 and hp1 if i remember correctly) on some of thier phones but that really doesn't matter because having a bigger sensor is more important than having high resolution.
                                  But Xiaomi also got the biggest sensor (on tie with vivo and Sharp)on a phone so they do have pretty Good cameras.

                                    Does it have 2.5x optical zoom on the telephoto lens?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • SvB
                                      • 06 Mar 2023

                                      Anonymous, 04 Mar 2023lol, you don't have netflix? patheticno 🗿

                                        Anonymous, 01 Mar 2023Mark V is better than both so wait for it as it comes with ... moreThis phone seems perfect on paper; however performance wise I have used many Xperias and I know they are prone to overheating and throttling.

                                        Which is a shame, because they are literally perfect in every other way. Yes, I will wait because the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 can outperform everything else by a massive margin while being much cooler too.