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Sony Xperia C4

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I bought this phone and it exploded in my pocket... Guess that's why they call it C4

  • honeybee

kirin, 09 Nov 2018ghost touch problem. i believe it is a common issue then. not su... moresame problem

  • Anon 3

I have had the phone for two years now.. But I've spent the last 10 months paying different phone fixing experts to fix my phone but they have all failed. The C4 dual first had over heating problems, which later on led to all my home screen lower buttons not working and now the whole touch screen does not work. I have lost all my files in a way to fix the problem but nothing has worked. This is very serious, sony company needs to fix up or refund our money because it seems like it's a general defect from all the above comments i have read

  • kirin

ghost touch problem. i believe it is a common issue then. not sure if it was the software or the lcd screen. phone still under repair.

  • VK

I've had the Sony Xperia C4 for many years, and it's been great. The screen cracked, and I got it replaced with a genuine C4 screen. However the only problem is, when I make a phone call, the screen goes blank, so I am unable to end a call or control screen options. Any idea what the problem could be, and how to fix it?

  • Anonymous

I've bought my Sony Xperia C4 almost 2 yrs. ago, and after a year of using it, I was experiencing some touch problem. So apparently I broke its LCD 'cause I threw my phone multiple times without knowing if the touch issue was just a software flaw. Last Aug, 2018, I decided to get the LCD replaced except I brought it to a mall 'cause the customer service was asking me to pay a worth of 7,500 Php just to get it fixed, and for me it's not worth it. Right now, after a month of replacement, the screen went dead black, it happened when I was pressing the power button of my phone, and the screen couldn't show anything at all. The phone turns on 'cause I feel the vibrations when I restart it. So, currently I'm trying to give my phone a first aid by using Sony Companion. I hope it's just a software issue tho.

  • SO-02k

Still using it for 3 year. having screen replacement 1 year ago, still capable running games. Battery also replaced 2 months ago.

  • Anonymous

ghost touch

  • Anonymous

bran, 07 May 2015Is this thing going to blow up in my hand? Get it with the c4yes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2017I just bought Sony X-Peria C4 last Aug 2017. The radiation is s... morehahaha

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2018I want to buy this phone hopefully but the comments posted hear ... moredont buy it

  • Anonymous

I am the regular user of Sony mobile phones. I am satisfied with the product but when I bought the Sony c4 it was a very bad experience. After one year of purchase it is not getting charge and not switching on. The estimated repairing charge is 10000. Lot of phones are having same issue but company is not bothering.

  • Nick

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2018I want to buy this phone hopefully but the comments posted hear ... moreI just bought it recently at auction for a good price, it is the last of the Sony phones without the swiftkey, fb bloatware built in (i.e. when the software was clean) plus it has BE and Clear Audio. If you can get it for a bargain go ahead otherwise leave it. I only use it as a spare phone and even then I haven't experienced anything the others are talking about. Plus it just got an update out of the blue, it now has the 03/2018 security patch, even my Z5 doesn't have that!

  • Anonymous

iridescent1, 09 Jun 2018Been using this device for almost 3 years. Very satisfied with t... moreI want to buy this phone hopefully but the comments posted hear about this phone turns me off.What's your take should I?

  • Anonymous

there are times i cant type, experiencing ghost touch, screen hangs, switch apps, over heating 😡

  • iridescent1

Been using this device for almost 3 years. Very satisfied with this fone. No issues whatsoever. Cam is good for daily use, battery life suits my usage, i could say that the overall performance of the c4 addresses my needs. Not a gaming type person, so I don't encounter the heating issue.

  • Nat

Touch screen problem, gets hot, always goes in safe mode.... Had high regards for Sony electronics products.. But Sony Xperia C4 dual is a serious mess. Hope to get answers from the company.

  • mhy

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017ghost touch,poor battery life,,,,,,,same problem here

  • AnonD-732900

this phone has a lot of problems rebooting frequently while charging battery fluctuation one time its 20 the next 50. cluttered software i do not recommend it at all i give it a 3 out of 10

  • Ilias521

It is more than 1 year that I use this phone and i m really satisfied with it. I m not having any problem related with touch screen. I love this phone