Sony Xperia C4

Sony Xperia C4

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  • AnonD-732900

this phone has a lot of problems rebooting frequently while charging battery fluctuation one time its 20 the next 50. cluttered software i do not recommend it at all i give it a 3 out of 10

  • Ilias521

It is more than 1 year that I use this phone and i m really satisfied with it. I m not having any problem related with touch screen. I love this phone

  • Anonymous

ghost touch,poor battery life,,,,,,,

  • Debjani

Sunny , 06 Oct 2017Worst phone hanging, battery drain very fast, overheating, touch... moreI agree

  • Anonymous

Xero, 15 Aug 2017Sticky and Ghost touching, dead zone in screen center, over heat... moreI agree

  • AnonD-711033

Porpian, 25 Oct 2017Good product, but only temporarily. After three months of usage,... morei can agree to that it cost me Php 4000, for replacement ... and it take sometime

  • Porpian

Good product, but only temporarily. After three months of usage, the touchscreen has issues!!!! Ghost touches all the time. Can't text, switches apps by itself, screen hangs etc. So ANNOYING!!!!!

  • felix1

Can some experts frm Sony rectify my C4..just bought in Aug'17.
When i place the phone in my pocket for few hours, my thigh became numb ( numb at the placing phone areas only ).
Is it too high radiation or the phone has problem.

  • Anonymous

I just bought Sony X-Peria C4 last Aug 2017. The radiation is so HIGH that when i place at my pocket for few thigh became NUMB.( numb at the area of the phone placing)
Can someone frm SONY rectify this cut off or reduce the radiation.

Hope able to settle this issue.

  • LOL

Do not buy this phone! Touchscreen no longer works after few months and the phone itself shuts down automatically. Low battery life. Yeah, good brand but very poor product. Don't get fooled by the 'Sony' brand!!

  • Sunny

Worst phone hanging, battery drain very fast, overheating, touch problems, worst phone, Sony you sucks.

  • 0

useless sony, no product support at all.. a waste of money..ill never buy xperia again.. almost all their products had bugs, navigation keys/home botton/soft keys not working.. even in their high end..or ther mid range c4,c5 and even xa.. very very disappointed.. I suggest give up your smartphone businesS.. its useless after all.

  • Rajesh Hande

Product performed very poor screen pad and display problem in 18 month.In pune sony delivered its defective products.service also not found satisfactory.
Share informetion to save our money.use other brands cell phones .it is not affordabal and trusted brand in anroid phones.

  • AnonD-693319

It was my first Sony phone and did not last for 10 months. Heating problems, hanging and ghost touch. It is now off and not coming up. I had chosen Sony because of its reputation on other electronic products but Sony really let me down on this. It is now time to change brand

  • Xero

Sticky and Ghost touching, dead zone in screen center, over heating even in airplane mode, weak signal strength. My worst first and last SONY phone...

  • Anonymous

I used it. I am not satisfied with it. Its speed is slow. Heating problem is there. Ghost screen big problem.
I was not excepting such negative things from reputed company, SONY.

  • Chris

This phone has worked well for me,no touchscreen issues or camera problems. I've had it for almost two years and if it stops tomorrow,I got my money's worth.

  • ken

Had this phone c4 for about 2 years. Stopped getting network. seems dead on network. Tried reset many times but didn't work. very frustrating. I think they stopped updating the phone to force you buy a new one. sorry won't come back to buy your bad phones.

  • Mirol

I just happy for a few month with this many problem with this C4.. such as ghost touch screen, camera prob...

  • kamal

Wrost mobile pls dont buy this maximum of c4 has big touch issue