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Sony Xperia C4

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  • AnonD-257122

vishal, 18 Aug 2015sony c4 whater proof ????No it isn't.

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-430968, 18 Aug 2015My experience with Sony Xperia C4 has been very satisfactory. Ve... moreAbsolutely right, this is really a great phone at this price, using it for quite some time now, no lags, butter smooth performance, blazing fast, great cameras both front n'rear followed by a Super bright screen with amazing sunlight legibility. Hats off to C4.

  • vishal

sony c4 whater proof ????

  • AnonD-430968

My experience with Sony Xperia C4 has been very satisfactory. Very smooth and light. It did get heated a lot some time back but the latest software update by sony this sunday has solved that too. Its a phenomenal phone and I love it. For all those on the fence thinking to buy or not, just go buy da latest techi one plus 1 and 2 and 3s bcoz after some days u will be tail wagging for the next upcoming tech.Sony is for those driven by passion and loyalty. Xperia C4 rocks period.

  • Rahul sharma

Please help me guys
what is the steps to know that phone is used or factory new
How can i know tha sony c4 is orignal or not

  • AnonD-430890

As shown in the specification it fullfil needs . There is also another handset in my choice list .
Expertise Please help me to select one of them to buy .

Compering with HTC 820 please suggest me which one will be best to buy .

Im little bit confused after reading everyones opinions .

  • Vicky

Just Bought my xperia C4 and I am very happy with the performance, specially with the camera quality both front and back as well as the sound. Its an amazing phone.

  • troller

already used this phone..really dissapoint. too hot like want to explode when on call more than 1 hour. "C4" yeah its gonna explode. dont buy this one.

  • Hugene

Just bought my c4 xperia aweek ago im not sony mobile user at 1st i bought asus zenfone2 64gb its defected so when I return it the sale clerk told me if I want to change brand bec. Their going to change the unit and that most of the case asus prob. Battery bec. Of the stigma of getting defected phone i grab the chance to change it from zenpone to c4 xperia. Now i notice that every time i used my cam the top portion of the screen heated up dont know if this.normal and i charge it 100% then after 6 hours 50 percent. No game install only fb. And messenger please help me. Wwhat is the problem

  • Ricky

my xperia c4 has an camera open issue,,, its take too much time to open about 3 to 4 seconds,,,, very bad,,, what the usage of 2 gm ram and 1.7 octa processor,,, also when u captured image,, when u wanna see to open,,, its again take too much time,, why ,,, any solution guyz....

  • Arun

AnonD-257122, 14 Aug 2015Bundle of lies, you're not a C4 user just admit it, you don't ha... morei agree ur one point camera takes too much time to open... very disappoinment about dat,,, any solution

  • AnonD-420428

AnonD-257122, 16 Aug 2015I charged it when I bought it for around 3 hours after that I sw... moregot it. so it's a matter of the software?

  • Anonymous

Sony Xperia C4 or Huawei honor 6, please advice, thanks!

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-420428, 16 Aug 2015ok, mine only last 12 hours in stamina mode. im not a gamer, and... moreI charged it when I bought it for around 3 hours after that I switched to stamina mode & it used to last for about a day, I also got a firmware update couple of days back after updating it I did a factory reset and battery life improved slightly at least a bit better than what it was before.

  • Renjith

My c4 battery back up increased by 2 nd updation now I can watch 3.5 movies instead of 1 movie as earlyer

  • AnonD-420428

AnonD-257122, 15 Aug 2015Mine lasts easily for a day on stamina mode,i'm not a heavy game... moreok, mine only last 12 hours in stamina mode. im not a gamer, and i use the normal social media applications with another ones like No crop, B612, Bestie Selfie and so on.
i love photography applications because i love to play with it and choose the best one to keep.

did you use it right after you got it or you let like the website of sony says charge it for the first time before use 30 min?, i have to say in other to test the phone because i buy it online , i didn't charge it inmediatly and i use it to see if it works...and after i got to home i charge it.

What do you recommend?

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-420428, 15 Aug 2015how many times at the day you have to charge it? okay mine is... moreMine lasts easily for a day on stamina mode,i'm not a heavy gamer use it for Viber, whats app, facebook & other social networking sites so it lasts for day & a half. No need to charge phones for 12 hours or so as those days are gone, I unplug it the moment it gets fully charged. Still I would say the battery is not that great but acceptable, my previous phone T2 ultra had monstrous battery life, that's what I really miss in C4.

  • AnonD-109076

Both are available.

  • bugoy

I went to the mall today and the spec show it ia not LTE but OTG ready. Here it ia LTE but not OTG. I am confused, i was planning to buy this unit because it is LTE and OTG ready.

  • AnonD-420428

AnonD-257122, 15 Aug 2015Yup, I'm very much a C4 user agreed battery life ain't that good... morehow many times at the day you have to charge it?

okay mine is weird. i change it to airplane mode to save battery and it really helps getting back at the 1 day 1 hour (the same for stand by mode) and when i record a video..... it drop down to 18 hrs. so..... have you experience something like that... when i got the phone i charge it until 100%, and someone told me that i have to charge it the first time 12 hrs.
it's that true? how you improve your battery life?