Sony Xperia C4 Dual

Sony Xperia C4 Dual

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  • Rafiq

I am using sony Xperia C4 dual from last 14 months its awesome but last few days i face a problem my phone shows 10% battery but when I switched off it 50%, and now it takes 6 hours to going 100% charge before it was taking only 4 hours for going 100% charge. i am using Marshmallow. Marshmallow is worst plz update the Marshmallow and solve our issues.


Plz tell me sony Xperia C4 dual is LTE OR VOLTE

  • Pat

Battery malfunctioned after 9 months. Would charge to 100%, but the discharge very quickly to say 90% and switch off. Restart would show 100%, but real state would be 90% or less. This would continue many times until battery fully discharged.

  • AnonD-627612

Sony C4 Is the Best One.... Superb Device

  • Prashant

Shiv, 17 Dec 2016Change the network to 4G in setting...Sir how could I change my network to lte only even after marshmallow update I am unable to change my network. And one more thing phone is not reading jio Sim it always says Sim slot empty.

  • AnonD-626291

multitouch problem and hanging problem in c4 sony

  • Raj

Its touch problem is horrible. I have bought two phones for its camera quality but both of the phones are getting touch problem. I have replaced display also in both the phones but after 4 months the same problem is repeating. I don't suggest to go for it because sony charge more than 5000/- for replacement of display. this is my personal experience. I am sharing here what I felt........... thank you.

  • c4 user

sur, 27 Dec 2016see there is two sim slot and one memory slot. but dont buy this... moreAt once only 1 Sim can use 4g.. other phones also same. c4 dual marshmallow update you can put the network mode to LTE only even.. new options, no lags, smoothly working.. battery also good, full charge using for 1 day..don't suffer using lollipop.. as soon as possible try to update marshmallow update using sony pc companion.. steps :first connect your phone to pc, then your phone automatically get a message to install pc companion to your pc , then your pc get install pc companion.. after installing pc companion, pc companion detects your phone.. then click software updates..pc companion will find the latest update to your phone.

  • c4 user

AnonD-624592, 25 Dec 2016problem of sony c4 sudden lag the restart... how can i manage/do... moresolution is marshmallow 6.0 update

  • sur

Gopinath, 15 Dec 2016please anyone tell me,this phone having three slot or two slot l... moresee there is two sim slot and one memory slot. but dont buy this phone because battery is wrost and hanging issue also. and major issue if you put 4g sim single point signal only come. so pls buy latest phone

  • AnonD-624592

problem of sony c4 sudden lag the restart... how can i manage/do to remove that sudden happen like that

  • AnonD-541220

Install Xperia companion on your notebook or desktop . Connect your phone using data cable & upgrade it

  • Anonymous

how to update to marshmallow?

  • c4 user

wow wonderful phone, I was updated to marshmallow 6.0.. working perfectly without no issues.

  • Shiv

dp, 16 Dec 2016my sony eperia model E5363 not working with jio 4g sim , when i ... moreChange the network to 4G in setting...

  • Anonymous

Had a bad experience buying Sony. It's my first time buying Xperia and yet the camera sucks. Bought in May and sent it for repair twice. Before my second service, I went to a few Sony stores to clarify this matter by comparing the display ones and mine. Even the staff said my phone has issues and asked my friend to take a video as an evidence.

Collected the phone today from second service but the technician told me there was nothing wrong with my phone so he did not do anything with my phone during the service. He even asked me to show him my issues.

I showed him my front camera was blur (it was really blur) and he told me it was lighting problem.
I showed him pictures taken (zoomed from a distance) and he told me that I did not know how to zoom.
I showed him the video quality was pretty bad in Snapchat and Facebook, and he said it was the apps controlling the qualities?

Pretty horrible experience especially with the service centres.
Never buying SONY anymore. I would prefer China phones than this.

  • dp

my sony eperia model E5363 not working with jio 4g sim , when i insert sim in 1 slot signal come but network not coming

  • Anonymous

ismanto, 06 Dec 2016When C4 Dual using Android Marshmallow ??Upgraded

  • Gopinath

please anyone tell me,this phone having three slot or two slot like two sim with sd card or one sim and sd card...

  • AnonD-620879

Hi guys i am using this phone from 1 year its the best under 18 k category if u r going for j7 just go for c4 it is best for gaming and have 50000 gaming score while j7 prime has 46000 only and the camera quality is amazing