Sony Xperia C4 Dual

Sony Xperia C4 Dual

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  • ps.gunji

sony phones realy good experiance....

  • AnonD-388332

sony c4 price is 30000 htc 826 price is 23000 which has same features processor is different sony c4 is mediatek and htc 826 is snapdragon

  • nevla

AnonD-399744, 14 Jun 2015It's not a water proof phone.....???no

  • AnonD-399744

It's not a water proof phone.....???

  • Anonymous

Good phone but the price is high when compare to other competetive

  • arka

Hey..some one tell me. which is bettr sony xperia c4 or M4 aqua dual..plzzzzz telll....

  • suchit

Available on ebay

  • Sony fan

I am fan of sony brand. But now a days i think the sony phones are over priced as compared to peers. Even still i would have gone for c4 if it would have launched for around 20K. Now i think moto g 2015 would be some thing i would go for..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-386699, 11 Jun 2015depends on sony's twitter in my country(indonesia).. on 13-14th ... moreyes,
Sony Xperia C4 is available in Indonesia starting today (Jun 13, 2015) for approx. USD350.

  • Anonymous

God!!!!!!! What is wrong with the people at sony corp. Have they gone nuts. I have been wating for this model for over a month & now sony corp comes with a deal breaking price of 29k. HTC desire 820s has same specs & it now 18k. Just because of selfie camera & sony brand they want us to pay 29k thats not gonna happen in india fools@sony corp. there sales continue to drop, they have stopped making laptops & now they want to stop making mobiles or what. Very much overpriced for this phone & not even waterproof. Bullshit from sony corp.

  • raj

tooooo expensive...!

  • AnonD-405880

sony xpepria E4 - RS 12,000
sony xperia M4 aqua - RS,25,000

sony xperia C4 - RS,30,000

In some period of time you will see all 3 models will get flop. this is what sony is going down and down. moron sony no one will buy your m4 aqua 615 snap dragon for 25000 thousand rupee as there is legend moto x 2nd gen is there with 801 snapdragon for just 22 thousand rupee. and same thing repeat with the other models less specs and huge over price. very soon sony will be is in either in trash or in the book of history.

  • gagan

way overpriced.. bye c4.. so now hav to think between sony m4 and samsung a5.. which is best guys...?? heard m4 has heating issues.. so shud i go for a5?

  • Dinu

AnonD-259586, 12 Jun 2015I was keenly waiting so long for this handset. Sony has released... moreToo expensive i am really disappointed about the pricing of xperia c4. Htc desire 826 is cheaper than c4 with same specifications.

  • taman

C4 dual is available now 16th of June.

  • Anonymous

C4 Batter Then M4 It's Osshum.

  • AnonD-390320

Sony is 12june launched c4 dule in India
But it's pricing very very tooooo much pricing in 29490, I heaw disappointed with Sony....

  • AnonD-259586

I was keenly waiting so long for this handset. Sony has released it in India today with my utter surprise of price tag Rs 29499/-. Can't understand the policy of Sony Mobile. Despite the severe losses in each and every quarter for the last two years, they don't want to realize that the phone market becomes highly competitive now. Several Chinese companies are offering same type of specifications at around Rs 9000/-. Considering the great brand value of Sony, the price of this mid-ranger should be around Rs 20000/-. Then only it can rock Indian market by delighting millions of loyal customers like us. Isn't it?...

  • AnonD-259586

I was keenly waiting for this handset.

  • AnonD-390320

Sony xperia C4 launchd at India 30th June