Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

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  • Hardi
  • Ki@
  • 05 Jun 2018

BillyGR, 21 May 2018The phone is crap...problematic signal reception.poor bater... moreHow do you use it?
I have it since first Release & it still work good, not even Lag or anything ...

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    • BillyGR
    • MKK
    • 21 May 2018

    The phone is crap...problematic signal reception.poor batery.only 16gb.full of lags from day one...piece of junk

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      • Ambrocio Despacito
      • J7L
      • 17 May 2018

      i buy this phone 2 months after it was released, it has a good camera, good speed processing and awesome hd graphic. Only my concern that sony should take into consideration with its battery life. Quality Control must need more test before assembling this mobile. Thank you sony for 2 years and 7 months of good service. AMPT.

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        • Shaahin
        • ap0
        • 12 May 2018

        IHEBORRA, 19 Apr 2018well the battery life is so good after all it's just 2930ma... morethis is the major problem of all sony of my friend had a z2 and other one had z5 and both cameras were awesome and now after many pictures taken the camera is very noisy and have low quality

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          • Nyiki
          • fnd
          • 06 May 2018

          One year down the line, phone very nice and functional like it is the first day. Front camera still nice but back camera not as nice. Would recommend this phone to whoever needs a phone with best battery usage and responsive screen. To all those complaining, all phones are good and equally bad, you trigger that with your usage habbits. Am off.

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            • IHEBORRA
            • Nty
            • 19 Apr 2018

            well the battery life is so good after all it's just 2930mah but the phone heat too much and now after using it 2years the camera has gone and now i am very disappointed on you sony

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              • Anne
              • pf4
              • 06 Apr 2018

              Sony customer service is very bad... I bought one of their phones... But unfortunately for me I removed a label inserted in the sim card case while I wanted to insert my sim card unknowingly... A short period of time after, I had a problem with the phone earphones I couldn't hear when people call me...I then demanded a repair from the customer service which went well...on the arrival of my phone in their repairing center I received a mail telling my phone couldn't be repair because the label was missing but they saw on my receipt that the guarantee of my phone was still on...but still they refused to repair my phone... Even at that I asked me to pay for the repairing fee or I will have to pay for the shipping fee to my home... And now I didn't even enjoy the for 2 months... I felt bad because I just wanted my money buying their phone...I dont advice you to buy from them... Be careful

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                • C5 Ultra Dual
                • 0x}
                • 21 Mar 2018

                Anonymous, 16 Mar 2018Battery is tooo pooor.Depends what you doing with yours smartphone, if all the time playing games or browsing then battery will drains very fast, if using normal the it's not very bad battery. It's not the best, but there is worst as this model battery in the market

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                  • Anonymous
                  • F$I
                  • 16 Mar 2018

                  Battery is tooo pooor.

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                    • Faceless citizen
                    • uvh
                    • 17 Feb 2018

                    I am using this phone for more than two years now and am mostly satisfied with the performance. Few days back the phone was unable to identify the SIM cards and failed to secure network connections. However, the issue got resolved after a cycle of multiple 'switching off and on'. The battery never let me down even on days of heavy usage. I am of the opinion that this is a phone worthy of purchase - even though some of the features are bit less in comparison to the latest products.
                    Ultimately, the choice is yours

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                      • Juan +62
                      • XTx
                      • 12 Feb 2018

                      Since End Of Year 2015, this Phone always accompany in all my activities, and there is never any problem on this phone.
                      Great Phone!! I Love Sony so so so Much.

                      and move to Xperia XZ Premium :)

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                        • adarsh
                        • PMT
                        • 10 Feb 2018

                        awesome phone you can ever get, been using sine 2 years and just few issues which can be fixed.

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                          • Leoj
                          • Hxe
                          • 05 Feb 2018

                          my sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual the front camera is not working and icon is missing anybody can help to fix front camera?

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                            • Sai
                            • X{x
                            • 01 Feb 2018

                            Jayjay, 25 Oct 2016I update my c5 ultra to version 6.0 marshmallow but the ico... moreI have the same problem after updating to marshmallow.
                            If you find a solution just post it here.
                            Thanks in advance.

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                              • AnonD-730868
                              • N7I
                              • 15 Jan 2018

                              My one year old brand new Xperia C5 just lost its network without any warning. My local Sony dealer has been totally unable to fix it. It is such a disappointment.

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                                • Amomynous
                                • UD{
                                • 23 Nov 2017

                                Bibi, 23 Oct 2017Am of the opinion that this Phone has got terrible issues o... moreit's not about the phone. it's about how you handle it.

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                                  • Bibi
                                  • 3Y$
                                  • 23 Oct 2017

                                  Am of the opinion that this Phone has got terrible issues of which battery is one of it. Why..? Phone switches off suddenly even with a 70% battery icon. Phone gets suddenly hot like on fire! At this point, i dare not recommend this Phone to anyone.The disappointment is real. Other than it is not pron to scratch & It makes clear pix its a nightmare. I hope to get it working again if a battery replacement will fix it for me.

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                                    • AnonD-317979
                                    • J7P
                                    • 23 Oct 2017

                                    Anonymous, 15 Oct 2017It's lie. Xperia C5 Ultra Dual is one of the best mid-range... moreHe/She is telling trueth. even i faced the same problem within one year.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0x}
                                      • 15 Oct 2017

                                      nana, 10 Oct 2017dont buy the worst phone i have ever had. After completion ... moreIt's lie. Xperia C5 Ultra Dual is one of the best mid-range smartphone

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                                        • nana
                                        • sSJ
                                        • 10 Oct 2017

                                        dont buy the worst phone i have ever had. After completion of 1 year i face so many issues like first mobile network not found , touch doesnt working properly and finally phone switched off .