Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

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  • bal

gauruu, 03 Dec 2015OS marshmallow is availabe for xperia c5 ultra or not ?availabe

  • raj

DEBAk, 21 Nov 2015I want to buy this phone but everyone is saying here that there ... moreBad battrybackup

  • gauruu

OS marshmallow is availabe for xperia c5 ultra or not ?

  • gaurang

os marshmallow available for xperia c5 ultra

  • AnonD-472838

i use this phone.and so far so good :) i love sony xperia.........

  • Xenon

AnonD-237609, 20 Nov 2015I bought this device 3 days ago, the first impression i get was ... moreI agree

  • raju

TS, 26 Nov 2015Hi, I am using this phone since one month and facing issue on... moreUpgrade to new os 6.0
Or lover version 4.4.4 is best

  • Harshal

I will suggest you all don't buy this phone. Following are the reasons.
1- Low battery back up
Assume that your battery is 100% and if you watch a full movie (approx 2.5 Hrs)
then abut 60% battery will consume. So very fast battery drainage compare to Samsung.
Battery will not support for 10 hours also if you use internet.
2- Heating Problem
Mobile get very hot while watching video or playing games with in very small time period (Approx 15 minutes).
Mobile get very hot while charging and while using camera.
3- Charging time
It takes almost 6 hours to fully charge (0% to 100%)
4- Camera Quality
Front camera is superior than main camera.

  • AnonD-398702

I am a HUGE Sony FAN and I want to share some thoughts. I am a Computer Engineer and trust me I do Lot of R&D on Mobile Phones (Specially Sony Mobiles). I am also interested to buy this mobile but, The Lollipop 5.1.1 of Sony is having some serious issues of Battery drain. Currently I am using Sony Xperia ZR from last 1+ yr. I updated it to latest 5.1.1 lollipop and got frustrated for so many days because, In mobile idle time also bttery drains like crazy. I have done Factory Reset also but NO use. Check your battery drain at Morning as mobile is idle at night, u'll see the huge steep in battery graph. I hardly getting 1 hr + screen on time in full single charge and unpredictable battery life. So I downgraded to Kitkat 4.4.4 and vola... now battery works like AWESOME again. Gives me almost 4 hrs of Screen on time. Kitkat 4.4.4 is the MOST STABLE Version of ANDROID TILL DATE. Plz think about this before buying. I am confused in between Z2 and C5 Ultra. But now I am thinking to buy Z2.

  • AnonD-105410

which one is better black one or white one ? plus i came to know that its batterydrain very fAst so can any1 suggest me some quick charge authentic or original charger with brand name , i'm from india nd i m really looking forward to buy this sexy piece .... thmx in advance.

  • James B

HI guys.. I just recently bought this phone. Sony Xperia C5 ultra 2 days ago.

Everything works fine, especially the camera. It only bothers me the heat when Im using data connection. Im just not comportable with it, especially when trying to make a call.

  • mvi

Jobo, 29 Nov 2015Ive been using this phone for a week now...and here's my take fo... morejust visit any sony center for the casing

  • Faiz from Malaysia

I think, sony should make battery more than 2930mah bcause, c5 have large screen and it need more power. It ram 2gb and it need more power to. So, u should build piwerfull battery like 3000mah or 3200mah something like that. That all, Thank you.

  • AnonD-440679

Sorry sony im going for lg g4..

  • Jobo

Ive been using this phone for a week now...and here's my take for this cellphone. Its worth every price. I have iphone 6s and this is my very firsy android. Im using this for media purposes abd it didnt fail me. i bought sandisk 128gb with 80mb/s transfer rate for my movies and flac music. This is good for media purposes and gaming. Battery drains very fast though...the audio is not that loud enough for me. Front camera is ok it can compete with my iphone 6s obviously because of 13mp front camera but the rear camera is not that impressive. The only problem with me here is, its hard for me to find a good casing...

  • Anonymous

Anurag , 26 Nov 2015Hi frnds I m using this phone . its vary hanging problem., an... moreI had this laggy issue before not until i used the AVG to boost my c5 ultra and since then i dint had any lag issues.

  • Khaled Elemam

Let me tell you my experience with the phone for more than a month and I am an expert in this area
I will speak first about flaws or defects to say the
1: - Battery
Good battery in the case of the use of STAMINA mode and continue for a long period
2: - heat
You must use these specifications Charger 2 AMP 5 volts gives faster charging and longer battery life and eliminates the heat
Conclusion for the disadvantages is the lack of a good understanding of the use of the phone
The advantages are numerous,
Screen size cameras *** *** *** powerful sound and do not forget you deal with Sony
Wonderful wonderful wonderful device size and specifications and price

  • AnonD-458606

tanweer, 26 Nov 2015Hey ......anyone plz tell me C5 good or not? I want to buy thi... moreIn my opinion Z2 is better than C5.

  • Aaa

I'm using the phone since oct 20, the camera takes 5sec delay to open same with the camera button on the side. Screen is impressive, battery drain fast less than a day. Lagging problem are ovious in all apps facebook google chrome etc . Eg. When typing the letter will come afterwards, in opinion better to get a flagship phone if you want a faster phone since i came i from s4 and then ip6.

  • Raghab Das

Jerry, 27 Nov 2015Can u plz download me more about (Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual) I a... moreIt's better phablet for u., i'm also planned to purchase it.