Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

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  • Appu

mj23, 06 Aug 2015Bad things never made a sufficient battery for their... moreThanks for device regarding issue information

Thanks and regard's

  • balaji

Hi Sir,

I Have asked to you that following service avilabel this mobliles

on C5 ultra MHL TV-out

  • mj23

Bad things never made a sufficient battery for their phones. Most of the time its is no feature upgrade. No new gimmicks.. like htc zoe or dual window from samsung. Its just the camera sensor over and over again. Main thing is whats the point of having a smartphone that we cant use and doesnt even last a full 8hrs. Im a previous sony user. Theres nothing to impress the customers...

  • AnonD-365057

Main advantages over Z ultra
[1] C5 ultra has 1.7 octa core processor - Z ultra has 2.2 quad core pross
[2] C5 has 4g suport z ultra does not
[3] C5 dual has dual Sim - z ultra is single SIM
[4] C5 has 13mp camera both back and selfie and z ultra has 8 and 2
[5] C5 is 6" and Z ultra 6.44"
[6] c5 has 2930 battery and zultra has 3050
[7] C5 has NFC and DLNA while Z ultra has NFC,DLNA, HDMI, TV out
[8] most important is c5 ultra has flash and zultra unfortunately does not have one.
[9] C5 has 187gms weight while z ultra is 212 gms inspite both being slim.
so guys decide your self price for z ultra is now around 13999 and c5 ultra dula could be around 22.5k

  • AnonD-279350

ismachev, 05 Aug 2015i think that the specs are too small.why not 3bg ram or 4 32 or... morelol becouse it is not ''Z series'' smartphone ;)

  • AnonD-257122

ismachev, 05 Aug 2015i think that the specs are too small.why not 3bg ram or 4 32 or... moreDo keep in mind, it's a mid ranger not a flagship.

  • ismachev

i think that the specs are too small.why not 3bg ram or 4
32 or 64 ROM.

  • AnonD-257122

AnonD-418045, 05 Aug 2015I sold my Xperia c4 and I'LL buy c5 or m5.Yeah same with me, i'll go with C5.

  • asish kzm

please improve battery stamina

  • AnonD-418045

I sold my Xperia c4 and I'LL buy c5 or m5.

  • Marcelo

Great features, selfie and so on. Will it come with isdb in brazil? Hope it does not come heat issues while gaming.

  • Sixteen

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2015Lol,,, Smiles, Naija

  • AnonD-257122

I don't think 2930mAh battery would be a big problem, I had T2 ultra before which had 3000 mAh battery and it was really monstrous, one of the best i've ever come across in a smartphone and this one is also not far behind. But i'm not happy with Sony as they've a habit of upgrading their phones in every two months, I recently bought C4 as a replacement of my T2 ultra which after the lollipop update was having problems so I wanted another 6" phone & that time C4 was the only option with 5.5" screen (the biggest) and now within no time they came up with C5 Ultra, not fair Sony.

  • daisyLovesyou

Hopefully the price is ranging from 10k to 12k here in the Philippines

  • Anonymous

Battery (2930mAh) is deeply dissapointing. As a 6" large screen mobile phone it should come with an at least 4000 mAh battery

  • Anonymous

this must be 5000mha battery. 6.0" inches! and fast charging too and wireless charger also.and 300/50 mbps.what happen to you SONY COMPANY! costumer are not ignorant through good specs,4gb ram too!

  • ZenCebu1986

Since this fone is not a water & dust proof one, but still it's a very cool Xperia c series since it's almost bezel less. GREAT Job Sony! Hoping that it will not be that expensive once it will reach here in Philippines.

  • Diend

Stop complaining about Mediatek chipsets. I've used snapdragon, exynos, mediatek and Hisilicon Kirin(the one i've used now) and seems all of them have their problems as well. Just use your phone wisely and carefully.

  • Anonymous

Sixteen , 04 Aug 2015Pls Sony, bring this monster to Nigeria on time. With right pric... moreLol,,,

  • Shravan

Kindly make me known about release date...............Awaiting to purchase..................