Sony Xperia E1

Sony Xperia E1

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  • Maulana 257

For uear 2021 its great music walkman phone. With big power dac for headphone.... real walkman phone

  • An E1 owner for 7 yr

Great phone, if only it could get a custom rom to upgrade its OS then I would have never replaced it.

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2020Still working in 2021 Well I'm using it right now, Unexpectedly it still working in 2020 but a bit laggy

  • Anonymous

And it is good to me do not rhink if it is good to you.

  • Anonymous

For me it would be great if it had minimum 100mb more ram so it will not slow. storage i can use sd card and for me CPU and GPU ARE good.
because i do not need it. I can use my pc instead.

  • Anonymous

Still working in 2021

  • Cheap ver of NWA105

Android, walkman, spotify and unlimited mobile data. Pair it with SBH54.

  • hoss

Anonymous, 17 May 2019i use it 5 years:) still working:):):) no regrets!hehehe me too xDDD

I had this phone and it definitely didn't have a glass screen

  • Anonymous

i use it 5 years:)
still working:):):)
no regrets!

  • Keven

AnonD-674582, 03 Oct 2017Dude, it barely even handles Facebook, unless you use Lite,... moreYou do not understand such a simple thing.
Old hadrware is more resistant to damage and work longer than the newest shining crap.

  • AnonD-743630

Not a bad little phone, I bought one at Cash Generator in Halifax for £9.99p (Secondhand of course) but at that price, I'm not complaining. It came with the box and charger, full working order and not a scratch on it. For the price I paid it was a bargain. Full working order.

  • marang prapu

Some Guy, 13 Oct 2016This Phone is The WORST Phone Ive Ever Used! Cons Really ... moreHahahaha. So why you buy this model?

  • AnonD-712173

AnonD-674582, 03 Oct 2017Great value? What??? You can get something way better for t... moreYou know this is a 4 year old phone, right?

  • AnonD-674582

Edje, 27 Apr 2016Had this phone for two years now. Still working great. Not ... moreGreat value? What??? You can get something way better for the money.

  • AnonD-674582

ST CSR, 16 Nov 2016So... you bought the phone without looking at its specs or ... moreWell, considering that for just 100€ more you can get a Lenovo with an IPS 1080p screen and 3GB of RAM along with many other features which does 1080p60 YouTube flawlessly, it is crap.

  • AnonD-674582

TheLostDragon , 04 Sep 2017Ive had this phone for nearly a month and ive had no issues... moreDude, it barely even handles Facebook, unless you use Lite, and even YouTube is questionable. Are you running Android 4.2? Mine had 4.4.2 and it had RAM issues almost from the beginning. I did drop it accidentally once from 5m on concrete tho, it was mostly intact but maybe this further crippled an already weak performance. I am also a teen and liked it for maybe a year or so. Since this year I've hated it more and more. When typing something the keyboard would close by itself due to low RAM every once in a while. Don't root it tho, I've bricked mine after some time passed...even my Galaxy mini 2 which suffered water damage had no further issues. It's a craphone, and really only good if you install Android 3.x or older. The only good thing about it at this point of time is that it is quite tough. It can survive a nice amount of abuse. And scratch resistent glass? That's BS, it is plastic, and mine has quite a few scratches. And it didn't even crack from a 5m drop on concrete, though it wasn't screen first.

  • cabdulahi sharief Mo

Sir can you help to find terminal battery connector in Sony E1

  • TheLostDragon

Ive had this phone for nearly a month and ive had no issues and im a teenager but i dont need £700 phones to make me happy this one has all of the features to make me happy and i dont know why any body has left bad reviews about a budget phone but its enough and i dont take selfies i dont need fancy features all i need is facebook and youtube with a exellent battery so i cant complain at anythin all of those people that hate this phone went from £500 - £700 phones to a £40 - £80 phone but the best of the budget phone oh and very durable so another plus

  • adinath

Loni, 19 Jul 2016Why my play store doesnt download dream league soccer I think it must be problem with the network even I do face it sometimes