Sony Xperia E3

Sony Xperia E3

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  • Ma33

Its so massive handy every ting z ok

My first android phone back in early 2015, and ended up using P30 pro now, always makes me laugh everytime compared this phone to my recent phone, by the way it's sweet phone, good build quality, and good enough for it's time, from this phone i learn how versatile smartphone is and through this phone i learn how android change my way connected to the modern world, if this phone have at least 32gb internal storage, i will use it again as my second phone, lot's of sweet memory with this phone

  • herrscher14

the problem this phone just one. 4gb internal storage... lol

Honestly, i can't complain about this phone. It does everything for me quite smoothly, inspite of it spec's. The only setback i see in this phone is it's low internal storage size, camera not too good but it's still fine. Overheat nah, this phone is awesome i must say. Just take care of it, and you'll have the best out of it. Low internal space/ ram means less app installation, battery is too good as well.

  • Anonymous

Its camera takes lousy pictures and its SIM card slot is poorly-designed, making it impossible to remove the SIM card with only your fingers.

The MP3/MP4 capabilities are decent.

  • Pokka

This phone problem playing game and heating, i throw away already.bye e3

  • AnonD-727246

This phone is great .3 years old . Awesome experience.

  • Xazertion

i use this phone after 2 years and become 3 years in feb, my xperience this phone is good perfomence except internal storage, for fix this problem i sugest :
1. use old version apk or lite app, is very helpfull !
2. move app to eksternal sd
dont forget, this phone ram only 1gb, always clear the background app or you phone auto restart

  • andi

AnonD-564539, 25 Feb 2017Battery is ok average the multi-touch us bad only 2 fingers... moreThis sony xperia e3 have 5 multitouch bro, you can check with app

  • AnonD-706875

i bought this phone in 2015 and sold after 2 weeks ,because of the painful eye strain by using this phone...that was the last sony phone i had...after that i used samsung phones there is no such problems that was the worst experience by this phone..

  • mooman

The flash is too small with all the bloatware that is lumped. For the thing to be useful one needs to root the thing and remove all that stuff.

  • Bill

Great if you want to use for calls and texts but you can only have a couple of apps practically indestructible

  • Hari

Dont buy sony phones because motherboard get damaged soon

  • key

This phone is brutal. i have a fair few pics - nothing major - but the memory is brutal as i can only download one app. would not reccommend

  • SixGun

Slix, 01 Apr 2017This phone was okay at first. The limited storage space (4... moreI removed the larger facebook app and switched it for facebook lite, it helps alot with the ram issue. As well as WhatsApp all its media is stored on the phones memory, every two weeks I cut and paste it to my sd card, at settings if you go to storage, to transfer media is fairly easy, and clean, and dont forget to clear your cached data, it makes a big difference in its performance.

  • MC

Can't open wifi connection. how can i repair? SONY XPERIA D2203

  • Hanks

suraj, 15 May 2017Please help me phone safe mode is enabled ... moreSame here. Camera not unavailable. It can't access the micro SIM i am inserting

  • suraj

Please help me phone safe mode is enabled is not available

  • Smeet

This phone is good, but the ram is only 1 gb,storage is less,sometimes apps gets stopped, this my first Smartphone but is not very bad,the only thing I like that the screen touch is very good,battery 🔋 good,and doesn't break when fell suddenly.... PLZZ check the above issues THANKS SONY:-)

  • Slix

This phone was okay at first. The limited storage space (4gb total, 1.8gb usable) is completely unacceptable. The RAM is decent for such a cheap phone, and the colour is alright (except for yellow; who thought that was a good idea?!). Overall, after 2 years with this phone it's performance has got worse and worse, unable to cope with modern apps. It's really starting to show it's age. 5/10.