Sony Xperia E3

Sony Xperia E3

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  • Stan

Oh my goodness. Do you guys even check the sony official website before spitting your negative comment here? This model HAS LED flash and NFC. Satisfied?

  • Anonymous

same size as s5

  • Anonymous

Too big, too weak hardver. Epic fall!

  • Anonymous

where is sony xperia e2

  • Anonymous

AnonD-271442, 03 Sep 2014What's wrong with that SONY company? Where is E2 so they announ... moree1s display was 4 inches..then camera was 3.somethin i guess..ram 512 mb..12mm thick..n if m not wrong gpu was e3 is far more better than e1.. so it seems logical to name it e3 instead of e2

  • zahir

such an ugly design in late 2014?? what a should take their primary lesson again..

  • AnonD-274635

[deleted post]agree with you man... and all features are good but where is flash man?? sony gives all feature but forget for flash.

  • AnonD-271442

What's wrong with that SONY company?
Where is E2 so they announce E3?
Same like C series; no C2. Only C and C3. I think the people at SONY don't know numbers order!!! And about the voting how could all be 10!!!

What's going on with Sony? This phone could have a 4.7 inch screen with the same body. It has too much bezels.