Sony Xperia E dual

Sony Xperia E dual

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  • Anonymous

Available?! Where is?

  • Howie

Great second phone. I also use it when I travel to other countries. Love the word memory so I dont have to type in every word when sending messages. Lately however, it does not show the phone numbers of missed calls or calls that I make. How can I restore this?

  • Giganto

I'm still using this as my second phone and had it upgraded to jellybean 4.1.1 recently, doing great and not bad at all as a second phone.

  • Lime

Good... Just ok. Great.

  • Ash

Bad always hangs....very small RAM capacity

  • mr hilmy

i have root for this, its ok

  • AnonD-622235

Sam, 15 Dec 2015it's hang anytime and off automaticonnect it with xperia companion and reinstall the v4.1.1 Jelly Bean

  • AnonD-620743

Very strong phone..... but hanging problem....
otherwise awesome phone

  • suyash shivaammm gpt

how to i install massmalo version in xperia c 1604 how can i root and its very hanged i never buy mobs of sony company please reply them

  • BAS3

I cant power on my mobile sony xperia E dual. i need my datas and contact numbers in internal storage .plz help

  • sasi

hi my phone all incoming and outgoing calls not shown how i show it?

  • elddyanez

I can't use my data connections. My experia e dual is not working well.
What should i do to reconnection to a data connections?????

  • AnonD-535732

try original charger

  • mimo

Rajan, 29 Feb 2016my sony xperia c1604 donot work its touch while charging. P... morei have read your proplem and i think the phone dose that when you use non orgenal charger so replace your charger and it will work good


i have got the sony experia e dual phone it was working good for 2 weeks and it got hanged then i switched off it and then again switched the phone the camera was not working it always says came unfotunately has stopped i was got fed up with thhis sony dash mobile
no one do not get this rubbish stupid mobile

  • Rajan

my sony xperia c1604 donot work its touch while charging. Plz reply with a solution

  • AnonD-507332

nanahayat, 31 Jan 2016im really satisfied with sony mobiles i cant even think of ... moreYeah agree.. I have this phone for almost 3 years already... its still on a good condition :D

  • pramod

Sony mobile hangs. Also WiFi gets droped after a year and cant fixed.There are so many complaints of above.Also it doesnot supports other accessories and need to purchase costly accessories

  • nanahayat

im really satisfied with sony mobiles i cant even think of buying another brand . u just hav to take good care of ur goods i was careless with my phone many times but it still in a good condition:D

  • raj

never buy sony it will only dispoint u