Sony Xperia E dual

Sony Xperia E dual

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  • pramod
  • U2h
  • 01 Feb 2016

Sony mobile hangs. Also WiFi gets droped after a year and cant fixed.There are so many complaints of above.Also it doesnot supports other accessories and need to purchase costly accessories

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    • nanahayat
    • fpL
    • 31 Jan 2016

    im really satisfied with sony mobiles i cant even think of buying another brand . u just hav to take good care of ur goods i was careless with my phone many times but it still in a good condition:D

      • r
      • raj
      • t1$
      • 15 Dec 2015

      never buy sony it will only dispoint u

        • S
        • Sam
        • t1$
        • 15 Dec 2015

        it's hang anytime and off automati

          • A
          • Anuj Gupta
          • Hs8
          • 06 Dec 2015

          Dear customer
          Please I request you. Don't buy any gadgets of Sony. Because I purchased a mobile phone that is Xperia e1 dual and after a month network not working properly and I am unable to open camera. The software says.unfortunately camera has stopped. When I gone to service centre, some of employees are saying you will have to pay 1000rs Then it will be okay.I am not satisfied with the Sony company. Sony company is making us fool. So I request you to not purchase anything of Sony.

            • b
            • bells@gq
            • LBa
            • 09 Nov 2015

            this phone is reall freaking slow no apps

              • p
              • priyanka
              • vx}
              • 23 Oct 2015

              I have sony c1604 mobile... I am not able to access idea net on my mobile, got idea setting but still not able to access.. speed is too slow.. cant browse. any one help me with details.

                • r
                • riky
                • 61U
                • 14 Sep 2015

                bagaimana cara restart sony xperia e dual

                  • D
                  • AnonD-390028
                  • nD5
                  • 13 Sep 2015

                  dheeraj kumar, 12 Sep 2015my E Dual mobile is slow processing,please tell me any idea... moreclean data for all your aplications, also for browsers

                    • d
                    • dheeraj kumar
                    • HsL
                    • 12 Sep 2015

                    AnonD-390028, 03 Sep 2015how to reset the phone? please tell memy E Dual mobile is slow processing,please tell me any idea for fast my mobile.

                      • D
                      • AnonD-390028
                      • nD5
                      • 03 Sep 2015

                      George, 31 Aug 2015It's nice phone never hang if will reset ithow to reset the phone? please tell me

                        • S
                        • SHRADDHA
                        • u1J
                        • 03 Sep 2015

                        I Hav bought the sony xperia e4 dual jst last month.
                        it was working smoothly but yesterday evening i just restart the cell and then onwards it is not getting on.
                        e1 it is very tough to open its back cover

                          • G
                          • George
                          • xgB
                          • 31 Aug 2015

                          Shareen, 29 May 2015The one and only the worst phone released by Sony. It hang... moreIt's nice phone never hang if will reset it

                            • h
                            • hm
                            • B}k
                            • 27 Aug 2015

                            this is very terrible and bad.
                            this is so hanggggggg!!!!

                              • A
                              • Ashan
                              • 9yx
                              • 27 Aug 2015

                              I bought E dual in October 2013 since I'm a traditional Sony addicted person. At that time it only dual sim Sony phones available in the market were Tipo, E and C. Out of that E dual was the easily affordable one for me. I used dual sim, 3G on for data sim during all the time. Follow a pattern like charge once per day. Used a lot as a GPS device during my journeys. I used FB messenger, whatsapp, viber and skype(occasionally) 24/7 on my device. Youtube, Web Browsing, PDF reading were the mostly done activities on my phone. There is no good camera but occasionally it helps me with photoes for my research works.
                              I never expect it will last long 1 year according to some of my tech geek friends comments but till May 2015 it works fine and then battery problems started to appear. In the early in July problem raised with power button (internal contacts has been ware off). So far it gives a good service to me like 1 year and 10 months. So if you purchase it as a brand new it will long last. Trust me it fell to ground more than 30 times to the day but it doesn't have any physical damages.
                              I never follow data turning off methods to conserve the battery. Most of the time phone was operating at its limit. But it withstood. So what you can expect more than that from a tiny product like this. Therefore I'm happy with the service it delivered.
                              Now I'm planing to move to the E4G since 4G is now emerging and I need a slightly larger screen size than this one. Other than that this phone works fine.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • X{k
                                • 16 Aug 2015

                                nihal, 14 Apr 2015Please help me it's not connecting to 3g in 3g moreVery smart and nice phone

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-415420
                                  • J1C
                                  • 20 Jul 2015

                                  Very old hardware
                                  very old software
                                  bad camera
                                  display is reflective

                                  Simple said, it's not worth his price...

                                    • B
                                    • Berserker
                                    • 0sp
                                    • 12 Jul 2015

                                    This phone is the biggest piece of crap you can imagine.

                                      • r
                                      • raman
                                      • 7jW
                                      • 02 Jun 2015

                                      don, 06 Mar 2015dos have wifiYes support wifi....

                                        • S
                                        • Shareen
                                        • 7tL
                                        • 29 May 2015

                                        The one and only the worst phone released by Sony. It hangs every second. And it's headset port need to repair once in every 6 month