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  • AnonD-11681

teddy, 18 Jul 2012xperia go no secondary camera, can you see in http://www.youtu... more@ teddy.. you are right there is no front camera and the device with me...

  • rlogin

AnonD-19840, 18 Jul 2012hi. I am planning to buy a Sony xperia sola or Sony xperia go. I... moreSola has better ppi and slightly bigger screen. The rest speaks itself:­82&idPhone2=4408

Personally I would go on Xperia go rather than sola, but it's your call after all. 99% of specifications are the same.

PS: Sony, I'm glad to see that you are back in the race and that you started to belive in your own products again, but c'mon, this phones should come with ICS. You can do better than that, even if it's and Android licesing matter. Stop making docks for iPod/iPhone and start making docks for your own products, we all would appreciate.

  • AnonD-12936

Wow This phone has add the required features at an amazing price of Rs.19,000/- in India...

  • Anonymous

Received my Xperia go today,there's a front camera but when I test it through"Function validation"which comes with the phone,it gives a result of "Camera not available"!!
don't know if its a software or hardware problem?!
Great phone..but the battery runs down a bit fast :D.

  • burger

AnonD-19840, 18 Jul 2012hi. I am planning to buy a Sony xperia sola or Sony xperia go. I... moreBoth xperia sola and xperia go has almost identical specs. So your choice would be which you think looks more sexy to your eyes in terms of asthetics. Sola has higher Resolution but with similar size screen would it make that much difference? You can only judge by yourself. Go is more robust. Sola cost slightly more. Software and hardware are almost identical.

  • AnonD-19840

hi. I am planning to buy a Sony xperia sola or Sony xperia go. I Cant make up my mind, pls help and justify

  • teddy

xperia go no secondary camera, can you see in is no front camera

  • lilly

just got my xperia GO today, totally amazing, I even put it in a bucket of water and it worked absolutley fine, its great if your washing ya hands or doin the pots, if someone rings you, you can still answer the phone, as the touch screen recognises wet hands aswell.. nicely done

  • Shaik

Pls note that there is no front camera for Xperia go.. But as per your website specifications there is secondary camera. How can be possible please change it..

  • tanmay

i bought this does not have a front camera... i'm exclusive dealer of sony....when i got dummy of this phone in display, it looks like it has front camera....
i'm really confused....some corrections has to made...

  • kam

its really nice phone i like that features

  • virus

AnonD-2268, 17 Jul 2012Does this phone have a fornt facing camera. Im getting mixed ... moreyes it has front cam its vga

  • AnonD-55262

AnonD-63382, 17 Jul 2012guys can anyone help me understanding dpi(density per inch) of s... moreThe Xperia U has considerably higher resolution than the Xperia Go, and also a widescreen 16:9 rather than iPhone-style 3:2 aspect ratio. Together these explain the curious comparative DPI. Since the Xperia Go otherwise appears to be similarly specified in terms of CPU and GPU, although yes it will mean that all menus, apps, images, videos etc will appear more grainy, the lower resolution should mean that games and other animated content run more smoothly since there is less image data to process. Touch sensitivity should not be noticeably (if at all) affected, although the "wet finger" compatibility on the Xperia Go may have its own pros and cons. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

i buy it today,on! hahahah

  • rico

xperia go no front camera, please download userguide pdf in support phone sonymobile

  • AnonD-63405

Managed to feel the actual unit, really solid & slim too. Yes, it has 2nd camera, but cannot b used for 3G video call, only thru apps like viber, according to the shop, dunno why.

  • kris

sonu, 17 Jul 2012hey guys please help me out.. I am confused btween xperia u &am... morexperia go is a lot way better than xperia u....U doesn't have sd lot..where go is expandable to 32gb so you can save more videos in it and has a bigger screen...don't worry bout the image resolution of this phone remember it has sony bravia engine inside...

  • plumboy

AnonD-63382, 17 Jul 2012has anybody gone through its benchmarks, its giving a surprising... morebenchmark looks ok to me, this is a midrange phone, the cpu and ram scores are fine. This phone has only 480x360 res, so it really doesn't matter about the low 3D benchmark scores, you shouldn't be playing games on a phone with such low res anyway.

  • huh...????

AnonD-63308, 17 Jul 2012RM899Hey RM is the currency of which area?????