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  • Rich

Does anyone can help to reinstal my What's Up on Experia Go as for some reason not know it was deleted.

  • nine

AnonD-198784, 22 Oct 2013Hey Im very happy with the phone but my daughter was so clever s... moreJust do a hard reset

  • AnonD-198784

Hey Im very happy with the phone but my daughter was so clever she put a pass word on for the screen lock and now she cant remember the pass word or number!! What can i do to unlock the phone? Thank you

  • Lucy

I'm very happy with the phone and my daughter put a key number in for the phone and she cant remember what the number is!!! What must I do? Thank you

  • trevorvb

The jellybean upgrade is terrible Slow Keeps knocking the data off NO dictionary memory even though it allows you to put words n It never works Basically the best software version is the original gingerbread NOT the 4.1.2

  • VA6307

Hey I have updated mine to JB it much compratibely faster than the ICS update but really slower than the previous GB,

But the real problem for me is that the WiFi switch is disabled and when i try to turn it on by some other means it keeps on loading but doesn't switches on, please help me I have tried restarting the phone to, please help

  • Xeong

Dukes, 17 Oct 2013where do I get this file/astradownload it on apps store (Play Store).
I bought mine in Portugal and came with Astra already installed

  • Anonymous

Hi All,
I bought this mobile on Jan 2013, Now the touch screen is not responding well to the inputs. Didnt get proper response from service center side. I decided to stay away from sony products.

  • Anonymous

is it good to root my xperia go?

  • AnonD-194974

don't upgrade to jellybean and u'll be fine..

  • nadirah

My keyboard is totally spoiled now I need to change the full display

  • AnonD-197659

hi my xperia go is not work fine in wifi connection,it just kept attempting to obtain ip address after it is connected the phone start obtaining ip address again and sometimes the wifi just remain on scanning even though there is an open connection, my android gadgets like samsung note and galaxy y works fine, in my wifi connection, only my xperia go is not, plllsss help me to resolve it. tnkz

  • Tweeky

The upgrade is a big fup Nothing works as easy and the spelling does not ever remember new words DONT UPGRADE SOFTWARE

  • anep

jellybean update 4.1.2 for xperia go already released on may this year, the spec detail should b update.

  • Dukes

Xeong, 16 Oct 2013its supossed to go automatically to playing list. instal Astra ... morewhere do I get this file/astra

  • Xeong

Dukes, 16 Oct 2013I have downloaded some music, but I cant find it. where is it hidden?its supossed to go automatically to playing list.
instal Astra (file/folder manager) and go to download or dwnldmusic.

  • Dukes

I have downloaded some music, but I cant find it. where is it hidden?

  • Anonymous

zee, 24 Sep 2013Hi u how do I download musicjust go to google play and download> Mp3 download app

  • Anonymous

Initailly when i bought this phone i faced some problems but now it is working awesome and i came to know sony is the real brand.

  • Anonymous

Mr.skhoza, 04 Oct 2013Hi i am new on sony xperia go, I hve a problem on setting up tim... morefriend, first you uninstale wats up which is in phone memory then reinstale from google play and that will work fine.