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  • AnonD-125875

is the screen to small or just right for watching movies?

  • AnonD-79407

fred, 20 Mar 2013sony p or sony go ??????tanxp

  • JP

Can someone post the IEMI # of the xperia go. I have been searching on the internet for it, as i want to know if it can work with Virgin mobile.

  • fred

sony p or sony go ??????tanx

  • UBryan

In order to save the battery lifespan please download Juice Defender. I have tried using xperia go to play candy crush, and it lasted 5 hours before the battery died. Try using high end phones to play, u wouldn;t even last for 3 hours!

  • Lightning

Is it the phone is water proof

  • AnonD-79407

my phone last for one whole day and sometime more than one's what i do..
1) use as lowest screen brightness as you can...
2) turn off bluetooth/wifi/gps wwhen you don't use them..
3) i download antutu battery saver..i guess it helps..
4) if you don't use the phone, lock the screen..
5) don't use live wallpaper..
6) if there is wifi connection, use it instead of mobile data..
7) use the phone until the battery completely drained before you charge it again..
8) turn off the phone while charging..

i guess that's all i do..hope it'll help.. :)

  • AnonD-126899

I have Xperia Go and a month after I update to ICS, my mobile internet and wifi doesn't work anymore. Help!

  • romer

i love my xperia go can run games very smooth like : dead triger , asphalt 7 , shadowgun , gt racing 2 , and the last real racing 3 , and nova 3 too, with oficial kernel without root with android 4.0 ics :3 and the batery is good is better than galaxy s2 and xperia s , playing games HD like 2 hours, facebook whatsapp, web browser and 1 game or 2 for just a few minutes around 12 hours :) i love this phone :3

  • I_want_GO

buttercup, 18 Mar 2013I charged my phone last night nd dis morning it half way flat ag... moreChoose steady wallpapers instead of live wallpapers. Live wallpapers will drain your battery easily. Remove widgets on your screen. Widgets also drains battery, mostly the widgets that is using wireless connection to update itself. Close also apps running in background and is not needed, don't just minimize it when you do not use. And also turn off GPS, WIFI, BLUETOOTH when not needed as this drains you battery. Dim your cellphone a bit.

  • cernu

what phone it's best? Xperia go or xperia miro, please help me before buy one of this

  • intell

like there's a vampire sucking batery...drainage in several hour..:(.
xgo st27i

  • Tim

siki, 18 Mar 2013My Xperia Go battery lasts 2days :)please stop lying as it batter life is just ShIt!!

  • Anonymous

superb phone.. I'm not regretting at all just enjoying... battery decent... gaming superb played temple run 2,subway surf.etc without any trouble... 720p videos played without any problem.. actually both gaming and watching movies were pleasure... rest all common features of xperia smartphones.. all this experience in 2.3.7... u'll never regret after buying if u r a mid budget customer...:-)

  • siki

AnonD-1051, 17 Mar 2013I haven't installed any battery saving app yet my XGO yeilds aro... moreMy Xperia Go battery lasts 2days :)

  • senal

gniK, 17 Mar 2013My Xperia Go got scratch on screen so I buy a screen protector I... moremy xperia go is better wow wow nice 4n best 4n i had ever use

  • sony fan

hello can anyone plz tel me whether our text messages will be stored in the INTERNAL STORAGE or PHONE MEMORY ????

  • jhumz

is xperia go capable of video chatting?

  • buttercup

I charged my phone last night nd dis morning it half way flat again..... How do I save battery?

  • fake

i also have scratches now on my fon's screen..dsappointing that they would define this as scratch free