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  • Anonymous

Latest news from Sony mobile philippines on Facebook:
We are happy to announce that the Xperia Z will be available in Xperia stores on the first week of April. Be among the first ones to own in this precision engineered full HD smartphone. The SRP is P 32,490.
Each Xperia Z kit contains the following
- Handset
- USB Charger
- Sony MH-EX300AP Premium Headset
- Two (2) NFC SmartTags

So its an Ok price but late availability, considered that Sony said Philippines was in the first batch for Z availability, and its said to be available in Singapore already.

  • AnonD-110308

Guys which do you prefer a phone with front camera or a phone that is water proof and dust proof?
Please i need your advice! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

Battery life is bad even with wifi and data off the battery still gets drained when not in use

  • Jules

Just a comment on Sony Erricson,that person who used other Mobile devices such as Nokia and Samsung,they dont come close to Sony Erricson's sound quality and latest technology.Sony Erricson started it all and the other copy cats followed.
Thumbs up Sony!

  • loco

how do I update to ice cream?

  • Raj

Not bad :/

  • omar

prince, 24 Feb 2013Can't wait to get mine next week. Is it a bullet proof too?hello brother u r right this is a bullet proof and also dron rocket proof. hahahahahahah

  • sri

which mble is go or j

  • torch4x

does sony experia has secondary camera?its exciting if go has it.can go use ym or any software that support for secondary camera?tqvm

  • AnonD-28191

AnonD-1051, 22 Feb 2013First of all tell me how long do you want your phone to last, wi... moreit is one of the best phone in music. use smart head set. then you will realize what is bass of this phone. i was about to sell my phone just because of the extreme bass of this phone i reconsidered of keeping it. its an amazing phone.

  • AnonD-116489

and what about Resolution in Xperia Go ?

  • Mary

it's a nice phone :)

  • el mix

helloo guys can someone tell me if this phone is good? im thinking to buy it next week thank you !!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2013it very slow when u upgrade this on 4.0.4. now i alway reset my ... moreI have used Nokia, Motorola and Samsung since last 20 years. I have never come across such a crap like Sony Experia Go. It is damn slow. Press for Contacts ,appears Gmail. On the middle of reading mail appears my service providers site. Press to text a Message call log comes. Complained once nothing happened.

  • Anonymous

pj, 24 Feb 2013gothanks :)

  • luv xperia go yellow

my xperia go is still fine even if i already dropped it from a 4ft tall cabinet and my friend accidentally dropped it too. love love xperia go!

  • Alan J

This phone is definitely not as durable as Sony claims.
I got my Sony experia Go a month ago and unfortunately it fell of the bed (the first ever time it fell) and the screen cracked, afer just one fall. I took if back to my service provider and they said the phone will not be replaced as it is physical damage. I they claim that is is a durable phone shouldn't it at least survive 1 fall of 48cm.

  • thecop

prince, 24 Feb 2013Can't wait to get mine next week. Is it a bullet proof too?yes it is, you can try it on your cousin

  • AnonD-116934

I will see in next few days..seems to be good mobile..
dual core procesor...1


  • prince

thecop, 24 Feb 2013im a cop,and some robbers ransacked a shop, i was there, i actua... moreCan't wait to get mine next week. Is it a bullet proof too?