Sony Xperia GX SO-04D

Sony Xperia GX SO-04D

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Great phone, weak battery. I want Sony to compete with Samsung :D Now Samsung is unbeatable. HTC is trying to compete with them, but they are unable yet. Motorola is struggling, LG is pretty weak(performance). They wants to be first at everything, and at the end their products are weak, have some serious problems(remember the Optimus 2X).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-37908, 25 May 2012I have never quite understood why Sony handsets are always ... morePlus they are the only company that hasn't destroyed the Android UI imho.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-37908, 25 May 2012I have never quite understood why Sony handsets are always ... moreThe sensor supports HDR in bother video and picture. The device will launch in Japan in July. Internationally, possibly in September.

  • Anish

AnonD-37908, 25 May 2012I have never quite understood why Sony handsets are always ... moreThe Quad core fight going on is simply for bragging rights......all apps on the market right now and for a year from will work smooth as butter on any existing 1.2 Ghz processor DUAL CORE processor or more.SONY provides the following that others don't
1)non-apple approach(look at samsung)
2)Distinct and unique UI(timescape FTW)
3)best PPI(342)
4)best camera performance(in droids at least)
5)innovations(white magic,floating touch,bravia,X-loud)
6)BEST DEISGNS(unarguably)
7)Correct pricing(something i hate HTC for)
8)MUSIC(X-load really improves your music performance)
8)while other players are going for overkill and charging huge amounts sony provides more sensible pics for the right prices

  • oga

can anyone tell if Sony will release this phone over the world not only in japan

  • AnonD-37908

I have never quite understood why Sony handsets are always overrated...I don't see anything special in this handset except that it has 1.5 GHz dual core "krait"...although the camera is also a decent one with 13.1 megapixel, but I don't think while purchasing a smartphone camera is of that much importance...I agree the basic requirement of full hd video recording is must but except that I really don't think 'megapixels' of camera should be a base to decide whether the specifications are good or bad...and moreover all you Sony fans out there, you must be well aware of the speed of Sony to launch a handset in might take, lets say, 6 months to release this handset in Japan and probably another 2 or 3 months to make it a global live example of their lightning speed to launch a handset is xperia ion, which was announced way back in January and still not available(except in one country)...and when the time of launch arrives, the technology and specs seems to be virtually the crux of the story is that, Sony will be soon pushed out of the smartphone market

  • Redz

oh my.... love this phone.. please make this a international phone sony... most have one

  • ahmed

great phone if i bought from online it will be work

in Europe or not only in japan any one help

  • salanzer

oh come on sony plz plz plz make it a quad core just this phone....i speak for all your fans i had the xperia x10 mini then x10 then xperia arc and arc s and now w8ting for gx...plz i am having a hard time chossing the xperia s vs gs3 but now i want a phone with more power....plz plz plz make gx a quad core phone....u r lossing some of your loyal customers:/ this is absolutely pppowerful. this is awesome.....the krait cores come to Sony,,,,that will make a massive hit....

This phone is so much better than the Xperia Ion, would like for it to make its way to the US with a bigger battery (either 1900mAh or 2000mAh). Doubt it will come tho since the Xperia Ion is supposed to come out next month.

  • AnonD-56158

i doubt sony will release this phone soon. they just released the xperia s which was suppose to be their flagship phone. releasing this phone now will only hurt the sale of xperia s. but on the other hand, not releasing this phone sooner rather than later will hurt sony even more. they are being left behind by samsung and htc.

  • pavel

just one word awesome!

  • moi

Sony it would be a hit if you release this world wide!

  • hamid reza

no direct hdmi port exellent design and exellent performance sony plz make it for worldwide
sony like no other

  • 11:49 pm

Fujitsu REGZA T-01D is the first android phone using Sony's 13.1 MP camera with Exmor-R CMOS sensor.

  • AnonD-23617

i compare all the worldwide and japanese phone of sony , i noticed that the japanese xperia has a more powerful, really high features and far behind than the worldwide xperia . come on sony . that's unfair . if you want to be on top make all your japanese phone worldwide .

  • AnonD-23617

the PPI of this phone is 323 not 319