Sony Xperia ion HSPA

Sony Xperia ion HSPA

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  • Anonymous

kenobi, 12 Jun 2012Does anyone know whether this phone supports 4G on AT&T network?This is the International version of the Xperia ion (lt28h) which does NOT support LTE (4G). If you want 4G Get the Sony Xperia ion (LT28at) which will be distributed by AT&T

  • kenobi

Does anyone know whether this phone supports 4G on AT&T network?

  • SsmartshuiabB

dis is the best ever phone by sony... i like sony for its unique features... bt sony should improve specifications to compete wit it companians in the market... if sony do so.. it vl be the best mobile company in the world... all the best sony

  • Anonymous

Meh, One X is better. Pass.

  • AnonD-42603

....IMHO it not really bad for those who bought the xperia s, because even though the ion was an "upgrade" to the XS, the XS still has the edge when it comes to the design. Some might even find the ION's design a bit old.

  • AnonD-42603

still with NFC sensors right?

  • Anonymous

i thought this phone was gonna be small, when looking at the specs, its quite huge and impressive

  • Anonymous

FINALLY a decent phone, great design, METAL housing, great screen, great camera, only the processor could've been a quad core unit. But nevertheless a great phone!

  • Angry

Hate this phone because useless photo camera - crap photos. So what's the reason 12 MP camera lens? Buy Samsung Galaxy II or III or wait for Nokia Pureview.

  • vish

I think there is restriction in international market.
We though that the phone will b a 12mp or 18mp camera with xenon flash quad core 2gb ram 4.5" or 5" super clear screen
But nothing happen

  • AnonD-57006

AnonD-19631, 07 Jun 2012xperia sx 4" s4 xperia gx 4.55" s4 and probably rumo... moreYeah right.. Hey dude isn't it 3.7" for the SX? Im waiting for the Xperia Tipo because it's a great phone with a nice price and build quality..

  • Sony and Nokia!

Does this support micro sim?

  • AnonD-19631

AnonD-57006, 07 Jun 2012Is this the international version of the Ion? Sony has done a g... morexperia sx 4" s4
xperia gx 4.55" s4
and probably rumoured mint to come with s4 pro

  • AnonD-19631

this is a message for gsmarena:
we dont have to do anything with what happend with sony and ericsson, who was acquired who was sold..........whatsoever, for us as a general mobile enthusiast and for gsmarena too the acquisition of ericsson by sony just emplies a name change from sony ericsson to sony mobiles, more than that gsmA doesn't have to deal with anything because you are not a business website.
my request is, you should merge sony ericsson and sony

  • Fanboy

12h music playback only? on 1900mAh battery????

  • Jerry Clarkson

loky, 06 Jun 2012Will it support AVI FLV MKV like this format???????OF course but with buzz player app

  • AnonD-57006

Is this the international version of the Ion?
Sony has done a great job with the new xperia line up..
4.55" Xperia Ion -s3 procsr
4.3" Xperia S -s3 procsr
4.3" Xperia Acro S -water,dust,shttr proof, s3 procsr
4.0" Xperia P aluminium body , whitemagic display, novathor cpu
3.7" Xperia Sola -floating touch tech, novathor cpu.
3.5" Xperia U -changable caps & changing led backlights, novathor cpu
3.5" Xperia Go -same as acro s' proofing system
3.2" Xperia Tipo -low end
3.2" Xperia Tipo dual -dual sim

  • AnonD-29966

I like this out of that phone , even not now but soon , as the price will go down and it will be my chance lol .

  • ud

Is this phone going to hit the indian market?

  • Anonymous

the white version must be the best kept secret ...