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Anonymous, 06 Aug 2021Used to be Sony Xperia freak but still don't know if t... moreHi I assure you the 5ii is an amazing phone, its last years flagship and will be much better than your current phone/..

  • Anonymous

Used to be Sony Xperia freak but still don't know if to continue with this brand. My L3 heats up always reaching 48°. Need to cool the temp in my refrigerator at times. Planning to go for 5ii but scared same or worse might happen. Please advise for better decision. Thanks.

This L3 is my 4th Sony phone, and probably the worst phone I have ever owned!
My previous Sony phones were all excellent, hence this choice.

From a purely non-technical point of view on the L3:-
The screen seems not as good as my previous XZ2 Compact
It is extremely slow
The operating system seems "clunky", and unser-unfriendly!
It wont allow me to answer a ringing phone if I'm on another app! (*If* an ANSWER button appears at all, it does not work!)
It freezes.
I regularly have to reset it
Camera seems to produce poorer-quality pictures than my previous XZ2.

I have NEVER had these sorts of problems on any previous device. This is my second L3 (I had to send back the first) and I am currently awaiting a third!

However, the battery lasts quite well!!!

  • gugeuyg

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020Does l3 comes with notification led like other sony phonesyes i own a l3 it does have a light

  • Anonymous

Does l3 comes with notification led like other sony phones

  • Anonymous

People like to criticise Sony Xperia so much but actually we who love Sony by Sony. We love the design, music output quality.
L3 is a wonderful budget phone, the battery takes me through the day with heavy usage and I have about 15% left at night. I have held other phones that can't take me upto even midday with my usage.
The screen is good, makes browsing and viewing videos fun.
I love Sony music output, this phone has that.

  • JJ

Purchased off EE July 2019 New Phone found front camera defective not focusing wanted replacement told no stock and offered older model !!! Sony themselves only offered to repair unit, Very disappointed with service off both. Phone o.k. with other uses but was a 1st new phone purchase in over 3 years, will get next off Motorola or other company in 2021.

  • Anonymous

Kayzee, 25 Apr 2020My phone works fine but is useless on calls. It cuts out af... moreI don't talk more then 2 minutes on the phone :D

  • Dotun

Here, my L3 heats up to 47 degrees, now the phone's swelling up per day. I am getting discouraged on sony phones.

  • Janus

Charlie, 28 Feb 2020I've just upgraded from an old Xperia M. Seems the L3 only... moreNot sure why the character limit, but using Google Messages app instead does not have such limits, and works on the desktop too (similar to WhatsApp for Web).

  • Kayzee

My phone works fine but is useless on calls. It cuts out after 10 minutes whether I've made the call or I've received the call. Anyone else having the same problem.?

  • Charlie

Ok, the L3 is getting better. I now have the full length text mesage but the first time i use an emoji it uses up a text and a half!! if i then use another emoji it is the standard 2-3 spaces. Anyone know how to get round this. Sony say its my provider/my provider says its Sony. It's really weird so need help on this one please.

  • Charlie

I've just upgraded from an old Xperia M. Seems the L3 only gives texts 60 characters before going into the second text! What? Is this right. Does anyone know how to extend the charachters the 160 i used to get on my steam-powerd M??

I have this phone and it works really well.
The battery life is surprisingly good for it's size, a lot of times i find that it last me as long as a week (which is really good for touch screen phones with this big screens)

  • POS


Does not allow SD card to be used as Internal Storage. Returned to dealer.

  • Ringo

Ania, 15 Oct 2019LoL.maybe your battery is growing:)battery is bloated

  • Shaik

I have dual sim model. it has 3 slots 2 sim and memory card. so its not shared sim with memory card. information here says shared sim with memory card is not true.

  • eXperia user

Have you noticed the EXIF version of this smartphone is EXIF 2.20 aka released in April 2002?
For the record EXIF version 2.31 was released on July 2013, although the latest version
is 2.32 released on 17 May 2019. But wait... this smartphone was released on February 2019
Sony, at least give us 2.31. Sony, you can do so much better...

  • Anonymous

Enough with "muh no innovation", I'm interested in the phone itself, what it's like, bugs, glitches, battery life, overheating, basically overall experience.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 15 Nov 201918 by 9 is also a thing here... O3OOh my they went from 720p 16:9 to 720p 18:9! SUCH INNOVATION! I must go out of my way to buy this trash right away!