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Out of the box Sony L3: The sim card/micro-sd tray is an all-in-one delicate plastic pull out and care needs to be taken not to damage it. It is not easily pulled out. The switch on button might take a little time to find, as there is not a sliver centre button obvious with previous Experia phones. Sony have not put their brand name "SONY" at the top of the phone, thus you might take a while to know which end is up. There appears to be no airplane mode and no master or global silence mode; the ring, notifications and media seem to have their own individual volume buttons. There are limited ring tones available — perhaps too limited for some people. More tones are given to messaging tones for some reason.

Switching off money consuming data switch on the software can take a little time to find and it is advisable to switch it off immediately as the phone will download quite a bit in app updates as all phone do, but it can be a money drainer. It is important that this button is found. Out of bundle data is a rip-off. The button is switched "on" by default. Better to use your home Wifi for updates, but this is up to the individual user to decide what is best. The messaging box is good overall, but adding sound files may take a while as there appears to be no add sound symbol. Though updates may alter this and many other features of the phone.

The calendar is nice and not bland like previous Experia, lots of options. The FM radio has a strong signal and tried very hard to pick up weaker signals. Many Apple phones have no radio hardware in them at all, unless you by the very expensive ones. It takes a while for the processor to pick up a bit of speed with The L3 when apps and features start moving much faster with the 3GB ram. The phone is 4G ready according to specs. The sound quality overall is good, sharp, and crisp. The front camera is excellent — as good as it needs to be in my opinion. The fast charge function is debatable and I think a bit of a marketing gimmick by the industry overall? I see no difference with any other phone. It takes a while as we all know.

The price is good at €150 circa (big discounts available if you switch networks )and I think we all recognise that with newer cheaper phones, a little over a hundred bucks, offering advanced features, can have nasty surprises. NB: This is a just out of the box snap shot opinion of it with two days using it, though I already had a previous Experia for five years.
P.S. As with all mobile phones you have to go looking for a cover or wallet and they are getting very pricey indeed if you want the good ones.

  • Anonymous

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 15 Jul 2019I really hope L4 has a bigger battery and maybe a extra GB of RAM. V-VSony Xperia l3

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

I really hope L4 has a bigger battery and maybe a extra GB of RAM. V-V

I have an unusual one. Can anyone post or send me a screenshot of the In Call Screen for the L3 please ? As I said an unusual one but I have my reasons.

  • Anonymous

Oscar99, 24 Jun 2019Update: Ok update on my L3 I bought from launch what I had given... moreTheir support is excellent! Why complaining? They usually fix if not replace the whole phone.

  • LeeHarvey

Volumn rocker placed at wrong place.

  • Steva

From my experience ,sony's 3gb is more reliable than some other brands 6gb

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Raj, 11 Jun 2019That one right there... That's exactly why Sony is loosing cell... moreWhy does no one get this?! It has only a 3300mAh battery Sony clearly chose a smaller screen with lower resolution to improve the battery performance, also the Helio P22 is a decent chip and power efficient to. My only issue with this phone is that they did not slap in a 3500mAh minimum and then we could have a fantastic phone! Tough I also wish it was slightly cheaper but I suspect most of the cost is due to the side mounted FP sensor and the dual-camera setup... ;)

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Rulianto, 15 Jun 2019One of the good design from some of newest sony pnone, but lowes... moreThat is good for the battery, considering it has a 3300mAh only, sure the Helio P22 is power efficient but its still a octa-core chip! V-V

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Oscar99, 24 Jun 2019Update: Ok update on my L3 I bought from launch what I had given... moreProbably bad luck, tough if you wish to try anther brand I suggest Huawei, their budget devices are in no form affected by the the ban since most of them will never get new Android versions anyhow! XD

Update: Ok update on my L3 I bought from launch what I had given a good review this has changed, issue I have had last couple weeks finger print reader not working very well, Facebook crashing and now the phone has been with me to Turkey on holiday and I am seriously peed off it was low battery plugged charger in and the thing is dead won't turn on and has failed, have been to phone shop since being back and apparently the motherboard is faulty wtf! I will never ever buy a Sony again its lasted all of 4 and a bit months. Wish now this will sound silly I didn't sell on my L1 now as that was flawless for me just was getting old. Very disappointed in Sony.

One of the good design from some of newest sony pnone, but lowest resolution

AnonD-869181, 09 Jun 2019Literally the definition of Sony nowadays .. Which is abandonin... moreFew tested reasons for this one to be a best bargain:
1. Perfect battery optimization.
2. Perfect speaker, screen and design for its price.
3. Dual camera that can impress in many situations not to mentions the third party app that can squeeze a lot from these sensors.
4. Oreo is better than Pie mostly because it allows call recording fapct that it's so important for many. Xperia have best software optimizations.
5. With certain settings this device can blow any lite device of Crapsung or Huawei about performance in this class.
For all the trolls saying stupid about this phone: get out of here and spit on Crapsung that have tons of dead motherboards at their low end devices. Get one for yourselves and only then talk!

  • bunnyyai

the lower the resolution, will getting less bug and easy to use.

  • Raj

That one right there...
That's exactly why Sony is loosing cellphone market, slowly but surely.
720p resolution in 2019 for 200$ price range phone ?
75% screen to body ratio ?
Outdated system that will jump you on with updates as soon as you turn on the phone ?
I recently read somewhere how low end phones are getting better and better, but it seems that Sony is doing its best to prove this wrong.

  • AnonD-819322

AnonD-869181, 09 Jun 2019Literally the definition of Sony nowadays .. Which is abandonin... moreUpdates aren't everything.

  • AnonD-869181

Literally the definition of Sony nowadays .. Which is abandoning their low end tier phones.. Still stuck at 8.0.. As always Sony..disappointing

why there no front logo ?

When you keep in mind the price point for this phone and then that it is dual camera & octa core it is entirely forgivable to give 3gb ram, its plenty when you also consider just who this is aimed at, its not a samsung s10 or an iPhone XS Max but it isn't meant to be either. Its a does what it says on the tin kind of phone, without phones such as this innovation in Smart Phone design would be reserved for the few elite who can afford flagship models, this is a normal phone for normal use

All A53 cores ? Bullshit