Sony Xperia M2 dual

Sony Xperia M2 dual

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  • jashan

bony, 08 May 2015what is new in 18.3.1.b.1.10 firmware update for m2 dual?Buddy don't know but I updated d phn did u notice any change after updating d software..???

  • shyamakant kumar

Rear camera of my phone is very bad. may be it's front camera is good than rear. because photos of rear camera is not fresh.
this is not good phone. don't buy this.

  • bony

what is new in 18.3.1.b.1.10 firmware update for m2 dual?

  • bony

What is new in 18.3.1.b.1.10 firmware update for m2 dual?

  • Prakash

I have seen watermarks in displays of few sony phones, especially Xperia m2 dual. It's not water entering problem, but because of excessive heating of the phone And excessive outside humidity... My phone is less than 11 months old, but water mark spread recently in entire display area Bcas of high temperature outside..
But service centre people don't understand the problem, they insist changing upon display and motherboard, though phone works excellently. It's under warranty but they would charge... It would cost around 11000 Rupees, but the phone itself is 13000 only...
So be careful before buying Xperia m2 dual...

  • Ram

It was worst phone in sony product. I suggest to All dont buy this is totally waste of money...

  • RDX

Camera is very very very very very very very very very worst

  • TonySonyMontana

since updating software, mouthpiece is no longer clear

  • Bony

This phone is awesom. never hang, battery is awesome.I play asphalt airborne without lagging.

  • JACB

I bought it. Taste it 1 day and feel sorry for myself. Decent voice quality from the earpiece? NO... Decent audio quality from the speaker? Mmmm, hardly. For voice call NO. For music ok... Materials? The cheapest you can think of. And Im a person who buys from mid range to lower end phones. Cant clean enough the screen and the back of the phone. It just doesn´t feel good in your hands, cheap sharp plastic...Camera? My old MotoG takes slighty better pictures and is 5mpx. I don´t have reason to keep it. Total dissapointment. My friend has a lower end Xperia and seems to be a good phone, no dirty screen and materials feels soft in your hand. Whats wrong with the designers of this phone? Don´t know but please don´t try to find out. Excuse my english.

  • bidhan

Prince, 30 Apr 2015I am using xperia m2 dual from 6 months. There is only one probl... morePlease clear ur camera data in app

  • JOY

Internal memory show only 5GB instead of 8GB. Front camera resulation is so poor. Ofter camera will open after finished conversation and disconnect the line.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2015What phone i buy it my budget is 13000if ur budget is 13k,go for xperia has higher power cpu,gpu,front 2mp cam too!e4g has best display
Max brightness of e4g-508 nits(HIGHEST)
max brightness of samsung s5-442 nits only.
max brightness of htc one m8-508 nits(HIGHEST)
max brightness of nexus 5-485 nits.
max brightness of moto g2-398nits.
contrast of e4g- 1:2077(HIGHEST AMONG ALL)
contrast of iphone 6- 1:1563
contrast of htc one m8-1:1347
contrast of moto g2- 1:908.
i am really amazed by sony.E4G HAS THE BEST

  • Anonymous

can you download camera 360 in replace of the phones camera because the camera is very bad

  • Prince

ishuum, 27 Apr 2015hey friends.. wahtz the best.. m2 dual or.. Grand prime dous tv.... moreI am using xperia m2 dual from 6 months. There is only one problem in this phone that is camera. If you want good camera quality than don't buy this one. Camera is not good really!!!!!!!

  • ashish766

I wd prefer this set.. mine budget was too 13k..nd I chose this coz of.... 1. brand sony .. a name of trust with service center at even small town
2. battery backup is good (if we use it traditionally).
3. A lot of cheap fones hv emerged which provide even 200% better hardware...but what about their life !!?
4.Sony is durable and trust worthy.. it won't disappoint you nd u wd hv confidence carrying it..even in any journey...
Tikaau nd Bharosemand.. that's what we all Indian want.. :)
thx fr reading such long review :D

  • Anonymous

What phone i buy it my budget is 13000


navas , 28 Apr 2015Don't buy m2 dual because camera very bad bad quality like 1 M... morethis is very good and you can buy it and about camera its not just camera its phone and i have it and it has good if you want better than huawei g730 its awesome

  • b sigh

akshat gupta, 26 Apr 2015never buy this worst of money camera was very poor... moreritee dude

  • navas

Don't buy m2 dual because camera very bad bad quality like 1 MP camera and screen below average quality ( screen dots visible)